B2B Data Driven Marketing

Use our first-party B2B Data to identify new audiences.
B2B Data

Fuel your next sales and marketing campaign with over 60 million verified B2B contacts, segmented by advanced demographic, firmographic and technographic criteria.

Direct-dial Phone Data

Prevent your team from wasting hours of their day speaking with company gatekeepers or calling expired phone numbers. Internal Results’ B2B direct-dial phone data ensures your team can get on the phone directly with key decision makers in your target accounts and close new deals faster than ever.

Validated Business Emails

If your sales and marketing teams are spending more time dealing with email bounces than replies, then you need an injection of high-quality B2B data. Internal Results' bespoke tele-verification service ensures every contact and account are verified, meaning your team gets high quality correspondence details every time.

Tele-verified Data

Our bespoke tele-verification service ensures that every contact and account are called in order to verify their details; full name, email, address, job titles, phone numbers, direct dials and more. Tele-verified data can be supplied to you on a monthly basis or all in one go. The choice is yours.


Easily run competitor displacement campaigns or identify accounts with similar tech stacks to your best customers by using our technographics database. We track the usage of over 7,000 different enterprise technologies across tens of millions of organizations worldwide - whether you're looking for HubSpot, or Office 365, look no further.

ABM Lists

Your Account Based Marketing efforts rely on accurate data to ensure you’re talking to the best prospects with the right value propositions. Whether you need help identifying your ideal ABM audience or simply need accurate contact information, our advanced firmographic information help identify the best accounts for you to target.

GDPR Ready

Internal Results’ data is fully compliant with GDPR requirements. With use of the legitimate interest precedent as an appropriate legal basis under the applicable Data Protection Laws, our customers can use our business data for the sending of direct B2B marketing communications, provided they do so in accordance with the applicable laws.

Actionable Account and Contact Data

Covering all Industries

- 108+ countries
- All Fortune 500 and FTSE
- Every industry: Technology, Manufacturing, Finance, Education, Retail and more

Vast contact list

- Over 60 million contacts
- Every job function
- Every seniority

World wide coverage

- Validated email addresses
- Verified phone numbers
- Direct dials
- Job titles and more

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Intelligent Data

Would your sales and marketing efforts be more effective if you knew who to target, when to contact them and the most effective messaging to use? Start using data-driven marketing from Internal Results.

Identify qualified leads faster and contact prospects using messaging which will resonate, ultimately closing big deals faster. With rich data available to inform every aspect of your sales funnel, Internal Results can help your team focus on the most effective lead generation strategies and spend more time talking with qualified prospects.

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Intelligent Data

“Internal Results’ data has been instrumental in our significant growth within EMEA and APAC. Unlike other data providers our relationship has become a real partnership.”


Target the right contacts
at the right time

Our unique Buyer Intent dataset tracks millions of digital buying signals made by B2B decision makers every month, meaning you target the right contacts, at the right time.

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