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January 27, 2020

7 Whitepaper Ideas for B2B Leads

Written by
David Scott

In this article:

· See how multi-channel content syndication can help you reach your target audience

· Discover intent data and how it can present your content to leads in the middle of the buying cycle

· Learn how to repurpose your whitepaper into an engaging webinar

Whitepapers are a powerful asset in your B2B promotion ideas and marketing toolkit. Some 76% of B2B buyers say they are more likely to share one with colleagues than any other content type. Marketers appreciate how effective this content is, so you can be sure your competitors will be creating them too. That’s why targeted promotion is vital to ensure your all-star asset gets in front of key decision makers.

If you want to know more about the basics of creating whitepaper for b2b, check out our previous article on the subject. If you’re already familiar with the medium but want to know how to promote your whitepaper more effectively, here are seven winning strategies to consider:

1. Co-create your content with other companies

Working on a whitepaper with another company instantly boosts its audience size. What’s more, the company you work with is likely to spend some of its own budget on promotion. The ideal candidate for a co-creator business is a well-established provider that targets your customer base, but with a complementary product or service.    

Working with a well-respected brand in the same space will also help to reinforce your image as an authoritative and trustworthy brand.  

2. Run a content syndication campaign

Your whitepaper deserves to be promoted in the most effective way possible. Running a content syndication campaign is one of the best ways to ensure key decision-makers will see your whitepaper in companies you're actively targeting, or are gearing up to target.

Multi-channel content syndication will enable your content to be promoted across all of the channels your target audience is active on, from PPC ads to being featured in industry newsletters. It's an ideal strategy to use if you want to get your whitepaper directly in front of your target audience and engage them at multiple touch points.

If you aren't quite sure where to start with content syndication, we'd be thrilled to chat about how we can help.

3. Integrate it with your ABM campaigns

If you're already running account based marketing (ABM) campaigns, your whitepaper will be a valuable addition.  

Try making it the subject of anew ad campaign on LinkedIn that retargets your site visitors or use it to encourage engagement with your cold email campaigns. However you choose to integrate it, your whitepaper will be an effective way to improve the conversion rate of your ABM campaigns. After all, 57% of people are willing to exchange details for content. If your audience can see the value of the content and you pitch it well, your ad campaigns and landing pages with opt-ins will be more likely to convert.  

4. Use intent data to identify who is interested and reach out

With intent data, you can identify buyers who are actively researching solutions like yours and are in the middle of their buying cycle.

Intent data works by tracking interactions across the internet, and then analyzing how purchase-ready an individual is. Once they're showing signs of being purchase-ready, you can reach out to them with your whitepaper and offer value, before your competitors have a chance to engage with them.

5. Use it to provide value to your existing customers

There's a reason that 83% of B2B marketers use a newsletter as part of their marketing strategy. Your existing audience loves your brand and wants to read your latest and greatest content.  Sharing your whitepaper with those people is the perfect way to reinforce your expertise in their minds.  

Think you should be concentrating on new leads rather than marketing to existing customers? Well, it costs half as much to upsell an existing customer as it does to acquire a new one.

6. Create a dedicated landing page

Creating a landing page for your whitepaper, allows you to ‘gate’ it, only providing access to readers who provide certain personal information. It’s a proven route to success. Half of marketers cite lead generation forms as their highest converting lead generation tool. A punchy whitepaper summary enticing readers to find out more will provide the hook for your audience,reiterating the value they can access just by giving a few details.

A dedicated landing page is a great way to generate leads in exchange for your content

7. Distil key learnings in a webinar

Webinars are booming, with 73% of B2B marketing leaders saying that they're one of the most effective ways to generate high-quality leads.

Webinars are an amazing way to generate leads through content

Hosting a webinar, in which you discuss and distil key findings from your whitepaper, is a great way to repurpose your content. If you collaborated with another brand to create the content, you’ll be able to bring them into the webinar,increasing the attendee count and expanding your reach.

Arranging the content of your webinar should be simple, because you will have done the hard work when creating the whitepaper. Provide the highlights from the source material but withhold enough information to make people want to read the whole whitepaper.

Create lasting engagement with your content

If you'd like to discover how Internal Results can help you use your content to engage with decision-makers in your target accounts, we'd love to chat.

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