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May 12, 2021

4 Tips to Effective B2B Sales Prospecting in a Digital World

Written by
Terry Kelleher

With everyone in the world more connected, some of the best opportunities to engage your leads in B2B prospecting are via digital channels. Being able to take advantage of this interconnectedness and easy accessibility requires that you develop a strong digital strategy.

This entails understanding the paths your B2B buyers take online and approach them accordingly. How exactly do you do that? I have four of the best tips that you can apply to ensure a strong digital strategy for your sales prospecting.

Tip #1: Identify Your Target Profile

Having a very clear profile of your target audience is the crucial first step that you cannot ignore. Knowing who you’re talking to will allow you to deliver as much relevant and personalized content as is necessary to make your prospect’s buyer journey easier. In crafting the persona of your buyer, there are several key factors you need to consider: their geography, demographics, technographics, firmographics, industry, job title/role, and so much more.

The specific characteristics that you decided depends entirely on your company’s needs. You would do well, however, to also go beyond cold characteristics. It also helps immensely to research the primary interests and preferences of your target prospects to prepare to deliver the most on-point sales message possible.

Tip #2: Deliver Relevant Content

At the core of the most successful and effective B2B sales prospecting is quality content. A majority of your buyers will read over 13 pieces of content before making a decision on a purchase. You need content that is not only searchable but is relevant to the reader and, more to the point, relevant to what you have to offer as solutions to their pain points.

Create content with a problem-solving perspective. Answer questions the targeted prospect is likely looking to resolve. Highlight as well what makes your particular solution unique and exceptional versus your competition. If you do so effectively, your content may serve as a catalyst to further the prospect along the buying path.

Tip #3: Lay Out Logical Buying Path

Consider the natural path your buyers take in their buying journey. The most effective digital marketers engage people where it makes sense. Don’t force your preferences or get aggressive too early. Nothing turns away a potential customer away more quickly than being aggressively in their face about things. Often time, in fact, a wholly sales-/marketing-intensive approach will engender resistance.

Instead,  what you can do it direct an article/blog reader to go to your website for more in-depth information, demonstrations or solution overviews, should they want these things. After a prospect is initially intrigued, you have the ability to articulate the value that your solutions can provide. White papers, case studies and video demonstrations are among the content formats that allow for a deeper, more educational message presentation. From these tools, use a call-to-action to invite the buyer into a subscription, registration, demonstration or sales call.

Tip #4: Engage at the Right Time

The timing of digital engagement is critical to lead generation and lead nurturing. On social media, you need to build connections and establish credibility before pushing for a sales meeting. On LinkedIn, interact with prospects through mail and discussion forums. Show yourself as a genuine person with expertise in a particular area.

After your prospect gets comfortable and expresses interest in resolving a problem, make your move to set an appointment. Similarly, in your content path, wait until the time is right for a sales call. This point is normally after the prospect has searched, learned, uncovered solution details, and is prepared to hear a more in-depth articulation of value. Even with a digital marketing strategy, your B2B selling process still eventually leads to a sales call.

Wrapping It Up

Digital B2B buyers want to take their time and investigate solutions at the right pace. Your lead generation and nurturing strategies should emphasize patience, relevant content, and well-timed engagement. You can even use prospect intent data to fine tune your approach.

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