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June 4, 2021

RCN's Success with Effective Content Syndication

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Internal Results

The Success of Content Syndication by RCN

RCN Business is a popular provider of top notch telecommunications services to major metro areas within the United States. They offer cutting-edge and, more importantly, high-speed internet, connectivity, voice, and fiber infrastructure solutions to business of all sizes. What's key to their success is their state-of-the-art, fiber-rich network. This key, however, is also part of the challenge when drumming up new business and selling to new customers. All of them need to be situated within specific, serviceable buildings with the right infrastructure. This condition narrowed down the potential target leads significantly.

Now, RCN Business had previously engaged a lead generation company to help them push their Hosted Voice and SD-WAN services, but they found that only 20% of the leads even fit the right parameters. The result? Their marketing teams were struggling and they were losing credibility with their sales teams. In this kind of situation, companies bleed resources. Not just in terms of money, but time and effort as well.

Content Syndication: Building on an Already Strong Foundation

Many established businesses already have a wealth of information and key resources that address key pain points in their ideal customers. These are couched within all manner of content: whitepapers, blog posts, videos, webinars, brochures, fliers, and others. The problem is that they're often not as easily accessible by those same ideal customers as they would like to think. That's where content syndication comes in. It involves taking select content and, through a variety of platforms like telemarketing, email, or a designated hosting platform, placing it front and center for targeted ideal customers to see.

RCN Business already had a lot of comprehensive whitepapers under its belt. Specifically, they had whitepapers detailing the Hosted Voice and SC-WAN services that they wanted to sell. These were invaluable in providing clear, easily understood explanations of why these services mattered to businesses. Through a combination of telemarketing and email campaigns, Internal Results ensured that these were read by the target accounts within the specifications of RCN Business including those that they long wanted to tap but had been unable to reach out to.

Intent Data: Effective Insights into Buyer Behavior

Internal Results specific approach to content syndication also involves the gathering of critical intent data. In particular, we focused on providing RCN Business with information regarding how much time a lead spent reading their whitepapers as well as to what level of completion they did so. This kind of data clues businesses into the level of actual interest a lead has in what they're offering and allows them to guide the approach and efforts of the sales and marketing teams accordingly. After all, you wouldn't invest time and effort into something that didn't, at least, pique your interest.

With this data as well as the contact information automatically uploaded by Internal Results into RCN Business' CRM, it was relatively easier for them to plan and execute their nurturing and sales campaigns more efficiently. One great thing that RCN Business discovered was that the contact data given to them even included leads that they long wanted to reach out to but were unable to get. Significantly, over 62% of the leads that they got where exactly what they wanted, being situated in their currently lit fiber network.

Get the Best Results You Deserve

Many companies already have great products and services on-offer. Many companies already have great content that effectively details what value these give to their ideal customers as well as how these address key pain points. More often than not, the problem lies in being able to reach out and sell to the specific target audiences that are, in fact, primed and ready to buy. When you partner with Internal Results, we help you place your key content in front of the right people based on the specific needs and requirements of your business.

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