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October 1, 2019

How To Get The Best Results From B2B Content Syndication

Written by
Noel Hooban

I’ve recently discussed the importance of effective B2B content syndication within a complete content marketing strategy.

Extensive reach, increased targeting of active buyers, reliable prospect qualification, and higher return on investment are some of the most significant content syndication benefits.

However, knowing the value of content syndication is only half the battle in strong marketing; you must also understand how to achieve the best possible results.

Based on proven success, the following is a look at several key plans for maximising your B2B content syndication efforts.

Target the Right Audience

B2B content syndication without a target is no more effective than any other marketing strategy with no understanding of your audience. Without proper direction, you invest money, time, and other resources to reach a lot of people that won’t have an interest in your content.

If you think logically about it, why would a Finance Director be interested in receiving your white paper (as brilliant as it may be), on improving the UX experience of visitors to your website?

As you build a B2B content syndication strategy, consider how you can leverage this approach to reach more people who match your ideal customer profile.

Consider the distribution methods, such as email, telemarketing, and third-party sites, that reach the buyers you want to engage. Also, contemplate where each buyer is in their buying journey.

Build Credibility

The goal is to create a conversation over time that demonstrates:

  • the quality of your business,
  • your industry authority, and
  • the value of your solutions to the target market.

Successful syndication strategies include distribution methods to reach the audience, as well as an option to engage in further conversations. It takes time to establish authority and credibility with people, which is what you must do to create a powerful brand image through content marketing.

Understanding the pain points of your buyer and demonstrating how your solution can alleviate her issues can help demonstrate your expertise. Content syndication can ensure your most suitable content is reaching the right people to generate the appropriate leads for your team.

Also, it is worth noting that the best content is well researched and provokes innovative thinking. Your goal in building credibility is to educate your audience.

Find the Right Professional Partner

The best providers can provide real value to clients when it comes to typical B2B content syndication. For the same reason that manufacturers and retailers play different roles within a traditional supply chain, business solution providers and content syndication experts play different roles in creating and communicating value to the marketplace.

The right partner is one that is always on top of content marketing and content syndication trends. An expert firm is also innovative in its approach. For example, ask your provider if they use intent data to figure out which prospects’ behaviours align with a high likelihood of purchase of a given solution. This predictive prospecting methodology gives you greater control over your communication system.

Additionally, you want a partner that gets your content in front of the most fitting buyers to help you optimise your return on investment.

Measure and Track Results Over Time

There is no cookie cutter approach to content syndication. If there were, a simple model would exist that all businesses could easily tap into. Instead, syndication is an evolving process where you implement the best possible strategies relative to your brand, industry, and targeted prospects.

Because of this reality, it is important to continually measure and track the results of your content marketing and syndication efforts over time. A/B testing is especially valuable in this way. Test different types of content, and the influence they have on particular types of prospects. You might find that one format or message plays very well with a target audience, but another does not. Similarly, you may discover that one customer type responds well to a particular communication approach whereas another prefers a different method.

b2b content syndication meeting

Follow Up on Qualified Leads

A significant difference between conventional views on content syndication and a more advanced approach is the follow-up step with qualified leads. This step involves connecting with targeted prospects that have shown intent. You can do this by delivering powerful, relevant messages through email or telemarketing.

Your expert partner should know how to ask the right questions to qualify prospects right away. This step helps you continue to target opportunities that have a high likelihood of making a purchase. It can also filter out low-quality prospects early to minimise wasted time and resources.

Continuous follow-up processes are essential to add-on selling, cross-selling, and long-term revenue growth as well. After you convert a customer, consistent communication maintains rapport, strengthens your credibility, and positions you to share information on new or improved products and services.

Wrap Up

These B2B content syndication strategies are necessary if you want to maximise the results of your content marketing plan. Without successful implementation, you won’t operate efficiently. And when that happens, your syndication becomes little more than a wild goose chase. Find an expert partner early, and let your team focus on the delivery of a great solution!

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