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The Value of a Defined Sales Process

Written by
Noel Hooban

When you have a team of dedicated, experienced sales professionals, it is often easy just to let them do their thing.

However, a clear sales process offers you, your company and your team several significant advantages.

Improves Sales and Management Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main benefits of creating a process for any consistently performed set of activities.

You take out the uncertainty, guesswork and wasted indecision for team members when the next step in the selling process is always spelled out for them.

As a manager, you can also lead and develop more efficiently with a defined sales process.

Set evaluative criteria at each stage of the selling cycle, beginning with lead generation.

Reinforce positive achievements at certain stages when conducting opportunities reviews, and point to specific scenes where shortfalls exist.

Your development is more objective, efficient and on-point.

Quality Improvement

When a person performs any task repetitively, his or her tendency is to get better at it.

By having your team members execute the same selling steps each time, they gain experience performing those steps. In addition to your coaching to specific stages, reps learn from the trial and error of completing tasks over and over again.

In lead generation, for instance, you and your reps may realise that particular methods of contacting prospects more efficiently contribute to landing appointments.

Identify Problems Spots

With an undefined process, it’s hard to determine the bottlenecks or problem spots for your team.

With a consistently applied process, you are more likely to find these phases that give your team trouble.

If one or more team members struggle to address buyer concerns and convert sales efficiently, you can focus training on these areas.

It is also easier to hold reps accountable for particular tasks with a defined process.

Some reps might not like inputting data into your CRM software, for instance.

We all know that the CRM system is only as good as the data within it.

With a defined process, it is easier to recognise an issue like this, ensure everyone understands the reasons for having good data, and if necessary, hold reps accountable for contributing as expected.

Better Financial Performance

If effectively applied and managed, a defined selling process drives better financial results as well.

As team members improve at each phase of the sale cycle, their effectiveness and waste-reduction lead to higher revenue and greater margins.

Additionally, consistency allows you to fine-tune forecasting for improved accuracy.

Accurate forecasts enable you to set better individual and team quotas and objectives.

Also, expense budgets are tied to sales forecasts. With improved accuracy, you guard against spending too much or too little on activities and materials that support the sales effort.

Defined sales process

Time saved from having to think about each selling step is among the primary drivers of reduced costs and increased financial performance.


The value of a defined sales process to all internal stakeholders and customers is evident.

Team members get better and more efficient based on repetition and practice.

You gain greater insight on areas requiring improvement.

And perhaps the biggest value is in the enhanced revenue and minimised waste that results from consistency.

Contact us to discuss how outsourcing certain steps in your sales process can improve lead generation and help your team focus on its core capabilities.

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