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September 26, 2019

4 Marketing Tips That Will Make Your Content More Valuable

Written by
Noel Hooban

It takes a lot of planning, resources and effort to generate content for your marketing strategies. Because of these factors, you want to optimise the value you get from your content production.

The following is a look at several critical content marketing tips for achieving the greatest results from your content.

Target the Right Buyers

The first key to getting great value from your marketing content is ensuring you direct it to the right audience.

A great message delivered to a disinterested market offers little to no value.

To reach the right buyers, know the buyer personas for your specific solution.

As we all know, B2B buying committees are getting larger dependent upon the industry you are selling into. Therefore you should have a number of different personas to target.

  • First, develop a thorough description of the people in your target market.
  • Second, consider each person’s questions, concerns and interests when they would be looking for information.
  • Finally, create useful and relevant messages that resonate powerfully with each persona.

Implement the Right Formats

Not all content formats are created equal.

In general, it is good to diversify your content marketing with blogs, whitepapers, case studies, reports and videos.

Beyond just offering various content formats, though, you want to deliver the type of information in your content that your persona needs.

Blog articles are a great format for attracting people searching for initial information. More in-depth landing pages, whitepapers and case studies allow you to offer more advanced details to remedying the buyer’s problems.

Deliver an Effective Call-T0-Action

Buyers follow a path as they move from their initial awareness that a need exists to consideration, and then to a purchase decision.

As you provide content along this path, a compelling call-to-action in each content piece helps the buyer stay engaged with your business.

A strong blog post CTA often invites a reader to complete a questionnaire, garner further information or to download a more in-depth content piece.

Your CTA in longer, more in-depth content, is normally where you begin to encourage prospects to evaluate your solutions or contact you, in preparation for a decision.

content marketing tips

Expand Your Content Reach

The previous strategies mentioned centre on maximising impact within your targeted audience.

To increase the value of your content, get it in the hands of people who don’t find it through conventional marketing or search engine results.

“Content Syndication” is a core service offered by Internal Results whereby we can reach a targeted audience of in-market buyers at all stages of the marketing funnel.

These are people within buying committees who are actively looking for solutions to specific challenges they have as an organisation.

Wrap Up

Great content marketing begins with a plan.

Achieving optimised value with your content includes targeting the right people with the right content and a call to action, and then getting your message in front of a large group of buyers interested in your products & services.

This solution may be just what you need to fill your funnel and create demand like never before.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us via the form below to see how you can harness the power of a Content Syndication solution to drive demand for your business.

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