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July 24, 2020

Content Amplification Strategies To Grow Your Reach

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Internal Results

Grow Your Outreach Through Content Amplification

If your blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and videos never get seen by your ideal customers, they're a waste of time. You need to be amplifying the reach of your content so people in your target market see it and engage with it. However, you can't just share your latest blog post on your company Facebook and LinkedIn and stop there. That's low effort, and in return, it's low reward.

You need to use amplification strategies that actually move the needle for your content and your business. In this guide, I'm going to walk you through what content amplification is, why you should care about it, and the strategies and channels you can use to get serious results. Let's dive in.

What is Content Amplification?

Content amplification is the process and methods you use to boost the reach of your content and ensure it gets seen by more people. It's not as simple as simply posting on social media, or running ads. Content amplification is all about the bigger picture, and how you can take advantage of multiple channels, free or paid, to improve how your content performs.

Why Should You Care?

All things being equal, companies who amplify their content will see better short term results with it. If someone is ready to make a purchase but still hasn't quite decided on the vendor they'll choose, getting a relevant piece of content in front of them at the right time could make all the difference.

In the long-term, great SEO may offset the short term benefits of a good content amplification strategy, but you can still see significant bumps in traffic with good promotion. Let's take a look at some real strategies and channels you can use to amplify the reach of your content.

Content Amplification Strategies - Content Based Tactics

1. Content Syndication

First, let's take a look at content syndication. It's a broad term, but focused on getting your content in front of key decision-makers, using channels like telemarketing, email outreach, and social media advertising. 65% of B2B demand gen marketers use content syndication as a core part of their B2B content marketing strategy.

If you're unsure of how best to run a multi-channel content syndication campaign, consider using Internal Results. Our proven content syndication processes can help you get your content in front of decision-makers who are actively looking to buy at the right time, in the right place. We look at your ideal customers, the purchase intent your audience has, and then use the best channels to promote your content, to guarantee it gets seem by the people you want to see it.

Content Syndication

You probably won't need to run syndication campaigns with every blog post you publish, but it's an ideal way to promote your very best content, like whitepapers, webinars, and guides.

2. Guest Posting

Another content-based amplification strategy is guest posting. There are hundreds of content amplification platforms out there who will happily republish your content, or host a guest post. If you can get your brand featured in a relevant industry publication, it'll boost your reach for a very low cost and time investment (many sites will accept your post for free, as long as it adds value to their readers).

Depending on your industry, these could be sites like HackerNoon, What's New In Publishing, or Search Engine Journal. If you're republishing existing content, make sure to add canonical tags so Google still knows where the original is published.

Most sites will also link to the place you originally published your content on the page, so you don't need to worry about not getting the credit.

3. Collaborating on Content Creation

If you want to build shareability into your content during the writing phase, consider collaborating with other people in your industry as part of your content marketing strategy. Ask them for quotes and opinions that you can use in your article, whitepaper, or video.

The benefits of this tactic are twofold:

  1. You get expert opinions to add credibility to your content
  2. Anyone mentioned in the article will be happy to share it

Build this into your content writing itself. You can use services like HARO to easily source expert quotes. Post your 'ask', and you'll get responses straight to your inbox.

Help a Reporter Out Content Promotion

Whether you're looking for experts in biotech, healthcare, marketing, or any other field, you'll be able to source quotes from experts. If you quote them, you can be almost certain they'll happily share your content with their network in return.

Advertising-Based Strategies

1. Facebook Ads

The average paid reach with Facebook Ads is over 4x greater than organic reach. Run Facebook Ads to your latest content pieces, and you should see good results. One easy to way make sure your content gets seen by people you want to see it is to run your campaigns towards retargeted audiences. People who have engaged with your website and content will be more likely to do it again if they see your webinar invite or blog post pop up in their news feed.

2. YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, yet is often forgotten about. It can be slightly intimidating because most marketers assume that you need to create video content to do well. Well, things are changing. You can use YouTube Ads to promote your website, landing pages, or individual content pieces. They'll show up above the organic video results, just like with Google Ads in search.

It's the perfect way to get in front of people who are actively researching questions they need answers too.

Community Promotion Strategies

Community promotion can be time-consuming and manual, but effective if done right.

1. Facebook Groups

Although Facebook organic reach is in massive decline, you can still see good results from community promotion inside niche groups. Join communities relevant to your business and interests, and share valuable content. For example, the person who shared their content in the image below knew their content would appeal to the audience in the group.

Facebook content promotion

It's self-promotion, but done in a way that adds value to the community, and because of that, is being well received. Don't spam your content in every group you're part of, but do share your content where you know it will genuinely add value to the conversation.

2. Communities like Hacker News

There are forums like Reddit and Hacker News that can deliver big results, if your content fits. Usually, these forums have active and engaged user bases. This can be good, but it can also come back to bite you if your content is perceived as overly self-promotional. You shouldn't post every new piece of content here, but depending on your industry, you may have articles that will appeal to the audience there.

Marketing Examples show the benefits of a successful post on Hacker News

If you get it right, you can see huge traffic spikes overnight. Make sure to choose your communities well and keep in mind that the people there could be in your target market. Don't push irrelevant content, as it'll just get downvoted and leave people with the impression that you're only there to promote your content.

Content Amplification Best Practices

No matter what channel you choose to amplify your content with, there are some best practices that are worth thinking about as you set your self to creating a content marketing strategy.

Add Value to the Conversation

"Add value" is an overused term, but that's because it's true. Don't share your content in places where no one will care about it. That's only going to dilute your brand. Promote your content everywhere that you know it will be useful to people who see it. That could mean posting in small Communities, or spending thousands for ads YouTube. If your content is genuinely good, people will want to engage with it - if it's something they care about.

Don't Force Your Content on People

If you're using outbound strategies like content syndication and community promotion, don't spam. Share content once, and leave it at that. Engage with people in the comments, but don't force discussions that are never going to happen. Likewise, don't choose a Facebook Ads strategy that shows your ads to your chosen audience 15 times per day, every day. Your audience will quickly get annoyed and probably mute all future ads from your brand.

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