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October 1, 2019

How Agile Marketing Can Improve Your Demand Generation

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Noel Hooban

Agile Marketing

We recently outlined some of the most important skills for today’s B2B marketing leaders.

Agility was one of those highlighted, based on the need for leaders and teams to adapt quickly to changing times and evolving data. The following is a more in-depth look at how applying agile principles to your marketing strategy can help you achieve better demand generation results. And check out the great infographic from DKNewMedia on the Agile Marketing Journey at the end of the post.

But, to start, let’s take a look at McKinsey’s view on demystifying agile marketing:

Take Away the Uncertainty

The ability to make accurate predictions as opposed to educated guesses is a key reason that data-driven processes have taken hold of marketing.

Therefore, the challenge for CMOs is to maintain calm and stability even as the marketing environment and data continually evolve. Top management puts pressure on marketing to mitigate costs, while also responding faster than ever to the changing needs of customers and a demanding marketplace.

With agile processes and a culture centred on adaptability, your business can outshine the competition in its ability to maintain predictability even in the midst of constant evolution.

Agility involves continuous measurement and change. As the data begins to reveal variations in the nature of the marketplace or their reactions to particular messages, your strategies change as well. Top marketing leaders can begin to detect changes in the data through effective interpretation, which allows them to coach their teams before the evolution reaches a point of urgency.

Optimise Internal Communication

One of the primary benefits of agile processes, and in fact one of the only possibilities to make them work, is the improved communication between the CMO and work teams.

As opposed to periodically scheduling meetings to review progress and to provide updates, agility demands that a consistent flow of information goes back and forth between leaders and team members.

Similarly, each team must communicate internally with other teams to ensure a constant and efficient flow throughout the marketing process, from demand generation to creative development, media buying and follow-up messaging.

Right Tools, Right People, Right Steps

The most direct benefit of agile processes is that your marketing team more often places the right people in the right positions, utilising the right tools and taking the necessary steps to optimise results.

As opposed to more traditional marketing systems, you don’t have to predict actions and organise steps so far in advance that they are potentially doomed to fail.

With agility, you plan your moves just a short while in advance, allowing for less chance of wasted resources and more current data to be integrated into decisions. All of these factors improve resource efficiency and demand generation results.

Man and woman with laptop

Wrap Up

Some companies avoid agile processes because they fear being rushed, or feel apprehensive about the need to make decisions on a more evolving basis.

However, those firms that take the plunge into this revolutionary way of executing on marketing strategy can achieve significant competitive advantages over more reluctant counterparts.

For further information, check out Moz’s Whiteboard Friday video – The 6 Values (and 4 Benefits) of Agile Marketing Following is the fantastic infographic on the agile marketing journey from DK New Media:

Agile Marketing Journey DK New Media

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