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4 Ways to Empower Your Top Sales Talent

Written by
Noel Hooban

Empower Your Top Sales Talent

Getting top sales professionals inside your company doors is a virtual coup in selling. However, you need to empower your sales talent to keep them around and to truly leverage these tremendous assets to your organisation.

The following are four ways that you can empower your top sales talent to achieve optimum results.

Offer Them Support

Salespeople are successful when their roles are supported in a collaborative environment.

The selling function in most organisations is productive when aligned effectively with marketing, customer service and support.

These departments all work together to provide the best message strategy and communication system with buyers.

You also need to equip your reps with resources. Give them the dedicated coaching and training experiences that help them grow. Make product literature and training materials readily available when they need them.

Make Morale a Priority

Your primary roles in leading a talented sales team are to motivate, coach and maintain morale.

Assuming two companies have equally talented sales teams, a positive, high-morale culture is often the factor that separates the better producer. Quality employees with options normally go for the more enjoyable or optimistic work culture.

Building cohesion within your team is one critical component to maintaining high morale. Hold regular team meetings to promote collective goals and group rapport.

Communicate role expectations and accountability to the group so everyone understands their required contributions to team success.

Maintain Stability and Efficiency

It is difficult for leaders to empower their team members with constant change. It frustrates salespeople when the people and approaches in management change regularly.

Sellers thrive when they can get comfortable with a particular system, and experience it consistently. It frustrates salespeople when the people and approaches in management change regularly. Sellers thrive when they can get comfortable with a particular system, and experience it consistently.

Empowered salespeople also depend on decisive managers. Make efficiency a priority in your decision-making so your reps aren’t sitting around waiting to move on sales leads.

Stable leadership and coaching allows reps to get more comfortable in their roles, decisions and actions.

Minimise Administrative Tasks

Salespeople get frustrated when they are pulled from their primary roles of converting sales leads into buyers. Therefore, the more you can eliminate unnecessary or tedious administrative tasks, the more empowered your reps will feel.

A common area that overwhelms salespeople is customer relationship management. You definitely need a strong CRM system that includes data input from salespeople.

However, it is best to implement a program that allows your professionals to input as much data as necessary for marketing effectiveness, without any wasted time or effort.


Empowering top sales talent is generally based on a balance of freeing them to exercise their abilities while equipping them with adequate resources.

Maintaining high morale, stability and efficient decision-making also helps you empower your team.

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