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Internal Results aims to provide multi-channel sales & marketing solutions for B2B organizations worldwide to drive full-funnel leads and increase pipelines. Our blog content showcases the collected expertise and experiences of our thought leaders and amazing team members from all across the globe. All you need to know about lead generation, content syndication, account-based marketing (and engagement) and so much more--you can find here.

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Internal Results is Now a Demand Science Brand

Internal Results is now a Demand Science brand. The move brings to us more resources and greater support to draw upon, and only serves to accelerate our growth and propel us to greater heights of success.

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9 ABM Metrics to Track Your Campaign Success

Discover the most important account-based marketing metrics to track to judge if your ABM campaigns are working, find opportunities to improve them, and more. These metrics will enable you to deliver more ROI on every campaign.

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7 Content Amplification Strategies to Grow Your Reach

Content amplification will help boost the ROI of your content creation efforts. Discover how, where, and when to promote your content for the best results in this guide.

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10 Account-Based Marketing Tactics to Improve Your Campaigns

Discover the best account-based marketing tactics to implement in your campaigns today. Improve your targeting, get in front of decision-makers at the right time, and close more new business. Read on to discover the tactics.

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Account-Based Engagement: What Is It and How Can You Use It?

Account-Based Engagement is an evolution of account-based marketing, but what exactly does it entail? In this post, we guide you through what ABE is and show you how you can implement it in your company to see great results from your sales and marketing efforts.

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Paid Content Syndication: Is It Worth It?

Should you consider paid content syndication? Discover the pros and cons in this guide.

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