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Internal Results aims to provide multi-channel sales & marketing solutions for B2B organizations worldwide to drive full-funnel leads and increase pipelines. Our blog content showcases the collected expertise and experiences of our thought leaders and amazing team members from all across the globe. All you need to know about lead generation, content syndication, account-based marketing (and engagement) and so much more--you can find here.

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Understanding the Different Types of Leads in Your Sales Funnel

Understanding where leads are in your sales funnel is crucial if you want to ensure that your nurturing efforts are on-point. For many, it's the bottom of the funnel that matters most. We argue that you'll get more traction in the middle. We explain why.

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A Guide to Building a Successful B2B Sales Team - Key Roles & Structures

Effective B2B sales teams require clear roles, a sound structure, and a smooth process flow to be successful. We take a look at common roles in modern sales teams as well as three structures you can go for.

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Key Elements of a Successful Intent Data Strategy

Ready to use B2B intent data to boost those sales numbers? Before you do, run through these four key elements that should be tied into your intent data strategy to ensure your getting the most out of it.

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Living Security: Starting Out on a Foundation of Quality Data

Living Security was building its B2B marketing strategy and needed to get very specific B2B contacts for it to work. Take a look at how Internal Results delivered what was wanted and added on key data that was ultimately needed.

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RCN's Success with Effective Content Syndication

Discover how Internal Results has helped RCN Telecom Services has helped them succeed in their content syndication.

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Internal Results is Now a DemandScience Brand

Internal Results is now a Demand Science brand. The move brings to us more resources and greater support to draw upon, and only serves to accelerate our growth and propel us to greater heights of success.

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