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Data Administrator (PH)

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The primary duties of this role will be to manage data within our CRM system Prospecto. The administrator will be required to create and maintain masterlist of complete data, segment the databases to meet the needs of individual campaigns and maintain the database within Prospecto.


The data itself will be generated from our data platform Leadiro in the form of a excel file which will then be required to be formatted and then converted to a CSV file which will subsequently be uploaded to the Prospecto CRM platform.


The administrator will be required to analyze a criteria sheet and understand what data needs to be generated for a campaign.


The administrator will work alongside campaign managers to ensure campaigns have up to date, formatted, relevant data and will work with the campaign manager when new data is needed for a campaign.


The successful candidate will also be required to communicate with the development team on tools needed to meet company goals


Required Skills:

·      Confident in Excel and the ability to create complex data functions

·      Experience in Data Analysis

·      Detail oriented

·      Organized and self-motivated

·      Strong visualization, analytical skills

·      Result oriented, self-driven, motivated, team player with the enthusiasm to learn new


Preferable Skills:

·      Basic understanding of a programing language

·      Good understanding of SQL 

·      Familiarity with CSV files

·      Excellent Communication skills


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