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January 19, 2016

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Boost Your Lead Generation

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Noel Hooban

LinkedIn is distinct from other prominent social media tools because it offers powerful lead generation opportunities for B2B providers.

Business pages and individual professional profiles are readily available to your sales reps looking for highly qualified prospects.

Practically everybody who is involved in the B2B business world is on LinkedIn.

The ultimate question is how should your sales people be using LinkedIn for lead generation.

Even if your sales staff uses LinkedIn already, help them boost lead generation success with the following strategies.

Search for Contacts Externally

One of the simplest ways to leverage LinkedIn for high volume prospecting is through profile searches.

Use Google or another major search engine and enter a keyword phrase along with

For instance, when looking for web designers in San Diego, you could search for “ San Diego web designers”.

LinkedIn profiles are among the first results that appear on Google when you search for a company or person.

Network with Connections

Salespeople in B2B thrive on networking.

LinkedIn amplifies your ability to use connections for lead generation.

First, you can use the “Advanced Search” function to identify targeted prospects based on job title, location or company.

The results indicate potential connections to that prospect. Next, ask a current contact to refer you to the new prospect.

Another way to leverage existing customers for lead generation is to search your contacts.

Then, ask them directly to refer you to people in the same industry or with similar needs.

Join and Discuss in Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are based on topic or interest. For instance, you might join a group like “Marketing Professionals in Chicago”.

Participating in a LinkedIn group is akin to attending a networking event or being a member in a communication association.

Within groups, conversation threads provide opportunities to interact with other members.

Being too overt in your sales efforts can turn off prospects.

However, natural discussions produce chances to find mutually beneficial interests.

Establish follow-up contacts in person, on the phone or via electronic methods.

Be a Presence

In person, you have limits to the amount of company or personal details you can share when introducing yourself.

LinkedIn offers expansive business pages and in-depth personal profiles.

With these tools, you can establish yourself as a clear presence.

Just as you search for contacts, people in need search LinkedIn for useful people or businesses.

An updated profile that shows off your expertise, experiences and solutions is attractive to prospects in need.

You can enhance your LinkedIn presence by publishing articles, just as you do on a company blog.

Helpful content attracts readers, and contributes to lead generation through specific calls to action.

Patience is key as well. Social Media Examiner noted that it takes about seven impressions on your profile before a prospect takes action.

Linkedin Lead Generation

One reason LinkedIn is powerful for lead generation is that members use it specifically to connect with resourceful people.

Use the “Save Search” Function

LinkedIn allows you to save searches.

Doing so means you receive e-mail messages when a new member joins who matches your prospect search parameters.

This minimises your manual time involvement in searching, and makes LinkedIn a somewhat automated lead generation tool.

When a new member joins who matches, you are notified.


LinkedIn makes many traditional networking activities more expansive and efficient. In some cases,

In some cases, your salespeople can generate more qualified leads on LinkedIn than they can make from other conventional approaches.

The limited time investment compared to the efficient prospect production is impressive when you use the tools effectively as demonstrated in this short video clip from LinkedIn

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