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January 21, 2016

The Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Data Acquisition

Written by
Noel Hooban

Acquiring critical data is necessary to operate an efficient sales organisation. One strategy is to outsource business data acquisition rather than allocate internal resources.

Outsourcing offers several significant benefits to your lead generation and customer acquisition activities.

Well-Developed Acquisition Systems

As with many business processes, hiring a company that specialises in this one major activity likely produces the best results for your business.

Lead generation specialists are in the business of sourcing prospects and handing you qualified leads.

They know how to leverage social media channels and traditional methods to prospect and qualify.

Compilation and organisation of leads are critical to customer acquisition as well.

Specialists know how to organise collected data in a way that makes it easy for your sales reps to make calls and keep records.

Avoidance of Team Distractions

While some sales reps have a gift for customer acquisition, many find this aspect of the job distracting and time-consuming.

They would rather dedicate their time and energy to sales conversions.

When you outsource business data acquisition, you empower your sellers to focus on what they do best — selling!

Additionally, since sales reps spend most of their time on sales related activities, it is sensible that their efficiency in customer acquisition is much lower than a specialist’s efficiency.

Entrepreneur pointed out that the best time to outsource is when a particular activity isn’t your core competency.

In this scenario, let your salespeople call on prospects, build rapport and close deals.

Let lead experts focus on sourcing and preparing qualified prospect lists.

Emphasis on Lead Quality

In some cases, sales reps get caught up on the volume of leads rather than the quality.

Experts in customer acquisition are paid to deliver high-quality leads.

Doing so is the essence of their service to you and their business success.

High-quality leads drive shorter sales cycles and high conversion ratios.

These factors subsequently contribute to optimised revenue performance and profitability.

Lead Generation Support

Not all business data acquisition providers are equal.

However, elite specialists offer upfront and ongoing support.

They interact with your company to identify how well the customer acquisition process is working and what needs improving.

Communication is essential!

Outsourcing Your Business Data Acquisition

One of the ways a specialist offers support is through reports on which types of leads convert to sales.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Profits

A tangible benefit of optimised customer acquisition is improved financial performance.

Outsourcing data acquisition means better success reaching sales goals, according to Business2Community.

Higher levels of customer satisfaction are also standard, based on the matching of prospects with specific needs to the right seller and solution.

Enhanced satisfaction typically drives increasing revenue, referrals and profit as well.

A primary reason is that satisfied customers are more likely to renew orders and even upgrade orders in the future.

When you get referrals from top clients, the likelihood of converting the referred prospect into a customer is also great.


Outsourcing business data acquisition makes sense when you are better off allocating resources to primary selling activities.

When this decision is clear, you benefit from experts in customer acquisition, lead generation support and optimised financial performance.

Contact us to find out how to optimise your customer acquisition and financial performance.

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