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November 7, 2019

The 4 Components of a Strong Lead Generation Campaign

Written by
Noel Hooban

A strong lead generation campaign is the launching pad for a healthy sales pipeline.

If your leads are running a bit low, consider opportunities for improvement in the following four components of effective lead generation.

Goals and Appointment Setting Strategies

You need clear goals for your sales team and pipeline to construct effective lead generation campaigns.

Common goals include capturing a certain number of prospects via content marketing or lining up a certain number of presentations or demonstrations.

A key strategic component involves developing optimum methods to target the right prospects.

A recent LinkedIn article noted that many companies do not operate inefficiently while prospecting because they don’t qualify leads well.

A well-established qualification process is helpful. Outsourcing lead generation activities like appointment setting, which frees your team to focus on personalised selling, is another idea.

Having a partner that only charges per appointment is a testament to the quality of the meetings you can get.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a virtual must in an active lead generation campaign.

This form of marketing involves creating and distributing content that is useful and relevant to your primary market.

Common content types include blogs, videos, e-books, white papers, webinars and even free trials.

HubSpot refers to these as “magnets”, because they are free resources you offer leads that potentially attract them to your business.

Some content is intended to catch prospects early, and perhaps in a digital buying process, with helpful information.

Syndicating content for sharing on external sites helps extend the reach of your message.

Content on your site is usually intended to help generate stronger interest so you can “capture” a prospect’s contact information.

Ability to Capture Visitors Information

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t do much good without quality approaches to capturing leads.

On your landing page, you need a plan for getting a visitor to share contact information for follow-up communication.

A call to action is standard, where you direct a reader to sign up for a free trial, product demonstration, or simply a way to open a dialogue with an interested party.

Sign-up forms for newsletters are another way to capture details.

Some companies even request an email or phone number before the download of a white paper or case study.

A good call to action directs a lead to the next step for improving a situation or resolving a problem.

A good call to action directs a lead to the next step for improving a situation or resolving a problem.

Sales Training and Monitoring

Strategies for attracting and capturing prospects are of little value without well-trained salespeople that can convert prospects into buyers.

As a leader, one of your roles is to hold your team accountable for developing thorough product knowledge.

You must also coach your reps on cold calling techniques that generate face-to-face meetings.

Additionally, you need a consistent system for monitoring the performance of your team for continuous improvement.

Using software to monitor sales cycle efficiency and meeting regularly with reps to review tactics that contribute to growth.

As with lead generation, you could outsource inside selling activities to get a team of specialised salespeople to perform appointment setting lead management activities.

Wrap Up

The components outlined help you develop a lead generation campaign covering attraction, capturing and initial contact plans with prospects.

Optimising your approach in each of these phases contributes to efficient prospecting and better conversion rates.

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