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October 22, 2019

How to Use Telemarketing to Boost Your Content Syndication Efforts

Written by
David Scott

If you have a content that you want to use for lead generation, content syndication is going to help you achieve that.

There are a range of ways to syndicate and promote your content.

You can use PPC ads, guest posts, social media, as well as email and telemarketing, among others.

One of the most overlooked of these strategies is telemarketing.

In this article, we're going to show you some of the best reasons to use telemarketing in your content syndication strategies.

We'll share insights gained from our experience using telemarketing to help B2B companies grow their lead pipeline using amazing content. We'll show you how it makes connecting with decision-makers simple, and how to overcome common barriers to telemarketing.

Let's jump into the article.

What Is "Telemarketing" In The Context of Content Syndication?

Telemarketing for content syndication is the act of picking up the phone, calling your ideal customer, and asking if they're interested in reading your content.

It's a simple concept, but difficult in practice.

Not everyone is a natural on the phone, and it can be difficult to source direct dials that get you directly through to decision-makers. In fact, most telemarketers need 8 attempts to get through to a decision-maker.

But, it's worth it.

In the next section, we're going to show you some of the best benefits of using telemarketing in your content syndication campaigns.

Benefits of Telemarketing for Content Syndication

1. Build Relationships with Prospects

One of the main benefits of telemarketing is that it's easier to build a relationship with your prospects.

People send and receive around 115 emails per day. It's very easy to ignore cold outreach emails we receive, and your prospects are the same way.

A phone call cuts through the email clutter.

It's harder to ignore a phone call and most people will give you a few seconds to make your pitch.

If your phone call goes well, your relationship with your prospects is going to be stronger from the start. Research has found that cold calling has a higher response rate than email, or direct mail.

Over 2/3 of B2B sales involve human interactions, such as cold calls

Not only that, but 68% of B2B sales involve human interaction, and the sooner you can talk directly to someone, the better.

2. Identify Intent Faster

If someone fills out an email form to download your eBook or Whitepaper, you will never quite know why they filled it out. They could be a qualified lead, but they could also be someone doing some research on a topic with zero purchase intent, a student doing research, or even a bot.

When you talk to someone on the phone, you can instantly qualify them.

Once you strike up a conversation with someone you can quickly verify who they are, if they're a decision-maker, and, importantly, if they want to read your content.

3. Share More Information with Prospects

Cold emails that are between 50-125 words in (total) length get the best response rates. You don't have many words to share your message and convince a prospect to engage with you.

Email is definitely a viable content syndication strategy, but it's not easy to craft compelling email messages.

Telemarketing gives you an opportunity to share more information in less time over the phone. Once someone has agreed to talk, you'll have a few minutes of their time to talk and build buy-in, and share as much relevant information as possible about your content and how it will benefit them.

4. Easily Convert Prospects and Answer Questions

A personal phone call can lead to a productive conversation with a lead.

Most people will be honest with you on the phone, and you can handle objections right there and then. Being open to objections is a great thing, as people who buy have more objections than those who don't end up converting.

Once you build rapport it's going to make your 'ask' more natural, and your prospect is more likely to agree to see your content.

Once someone verbally opts-in over the phone you can confirm their email address with them, then follow up with your content and easily manage all future communications.

5. Easily Verify Contact Information

Sourcing B2B contact information is hard. If you've ever ran cold email outreach, you'll have experienced bounced emails and the effort it takes to get through to prospects.

Even the best email databases decay by 22.5% per year on average, so bounced emails and lost opportunities are inevitable if you're using email finder tools to build your email list.

Databases typically contain out-of-date information

A key benefit to doing content syndication with telemarketing is that you can verify direct dials and ensure you're getting through to the right person.

If you reach a gatekeeper or your prospect has changed job within the company, you can get their latest contact details from the person you spoke with.

Barriers to Successful Content Syndication using Telemarketing

1. In-House Experience With Telemarketing

One of the main barriers to telemarketing is simply picking up the phone. 63% of experienced salespeople say that cold calling is what they dislike most about their jobs.

It can be hard to train your in-house team, and your sales reps will already have busy schedules and struggle to prioritize content syndication work.

If you want to start growing your lead pipeline with content syndication and telemarketing, you'll need to either build buy-in from your team, or with with an external team like Internal Results.

2. Sourcing B2B Direct Dials

As mentioned above, finding contact data is a big task.

In fact, if you don't have an accurate source of direct dials it takes on average 18 calls to get through to anyone. But, that shouldn't put you off.

If you have an accurate source of B2B data, you'll be able to reduce the number of calls needed and connect with more decision-makers in less time.

Access to accurate direct dials will be a game changer, and sales reps with direct dials are 46% more likely to connect with prospects at a director level than those without.

If you want access to up-to-date and regularly verified direct dials, Internal Results will be able to help as our database contains over 44+ million verified business contact records.

Working with Internal Results to Grow Your Content Syndication Program

If you want to execute a telemarketing campaign to improve the results of your content syndication, you're in the right place.

We work with leading B2B brands and help them increase the reach and ROI of their content through highly targeted content syndication campaigns.

Your ideal customer can be targeted across multiple channels and touch point, in order to generate the best levels of engagement. Once your leads engage with your content, we'll pass them onto you and your sales team can close the deal.

Wrapping Up

If you want to grow your lead pipeline and nurture target accounts with content, content syndication is highly effective. Telemarketing is an often overlooked strategy, but it has a host of benefits.

Telemarketing can improve your content syndication efforts by helping you quickly identify purchase intent, build relationships with your leads, convert prospects, and verify that your contact data is accurate.

There are initial difficulties such as sourcing accurate direct dials and overcoming your fear of picking up the phone, but you can get around those by working with a trusted partner, or training your in-house sales team on them.

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