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May 25, 2016

How to Supercharge Your Startup’s Sales Programme

Written by
Noel Hooban

The role of inside sales has evolved significantly over time, due to enhanced technology and the fact that more B2B buyers conduct research digitally.

For a startup, trying to manage an inside sales programme in the midst of other responsibilities is tough.

Following are several reasons why a startup is better off outsourcing demand generation and other inside selling responsibilities to a speciality firm.

Sense of Urgency

You don’t normally have the luxury of patience as a startup.

The statistics are against you from the start as the vast majority of new companies fail within a year.

Therefore, you need to make decisions and operate with a sense of urgency.


Time Savings

Tightly synced with the feeling of urgency is the time that you save by outsourcing inside sales.

You need to optimise productivity in each area of your operation.

As a startup, you more likely have the capability to execute selling processes.

Preserve time for your team to focus on converting prospects by letting a speciality firm focus on demand generation.

One of the reasons startups perform inside sales inefficiently is they aren’t as familiar with the most effective and efficient means of demand generation.

A firm that engages in these activities on a daily basis is more equipped to get you appointments efficiently.

More Quality Leads

Speciality companies offer more than efficiency; you can also count a better supply of quality leads with a reputable provider.

Top firms realise there is more value in valid leads than in a large amount of unqualified or ineffective leads.

During an initial consultation, an inside sales provider will attempt to identify the target buyers that align with your goals and solutions.

When you get qualified leads, your team members spend less time on sales processes that aren’t likely to drive results.

As an added benefit, Internal Results only charges its clients when a prospect confirms an appointment.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending money on fruitless efforts.


A top inside sales provider implements strategies that help you get connected with high-potential buyers for your solutions.

Expert Sales Support

The expert sales support you gain is integral in executing the startup business phase as well.

An established inside sales support provider understands how demand generation flows into lead nurturing and the rest of your selling process.

They aren’t fragmented or unconnected activities.

When you collaborate with a quality inside selling firm, you build a connected system where the appointments you get set up nicely for nurturing and sales development.

The expert provider should also take an active role in identifying reasons that your appointments aren’t helping you close deals.

In some cases, adjustments may be required to your targeted customer profiles.


You don’t have time to learn how to succeed with inside selling as a startup business.

You need to get demand generation right from the start.

Additionally, outsourcing inside sales to a quality provider should lead to time savings, higher-quality leads and expert sales support.

Contact us today to find out why Internal Results offers the best possible inside sales programme for your startup.

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