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July 1, 2016

Personalisation and Lead Generation: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Written by
Noel Hooban

A common criticism of inbound marketing is that it lacks the personalisation of other lead generation strategies.

However, with creativity and effective planning, you can incorporate a high degree of personal communication in your content marketing.

The following are some tips for personalising your content and benefits of doing so.

Use Data to See People

I’ve often spoken about data and how important it is to marketing teams. There is a tonne of information out there about “Big Data” and its importance.

Marketers can get bogged down in detail regarding the best way to collate this data and how to use it to your best advantage.

Data and analytics are often viewed as contradictions to a personalised view of customers. However, when you apply analytics in the right way, as this post from Content Marketing Institute demonstrates, you get a much more in-depth view of your prospects as people than you ever could have before.

Data analysis enables you to look for common traits and behavioural trends that your target prospects share.

The more details you know about your target buyers, the greater your ability to communicate with people who care about your message.

Plus, when your marketing and sales teams formulate messages, they can integrate personal customisation.

Create and Deliver Engaging Content

Content marketing without engagement is just space filler on a website or blog.

When you define your audience and its needs, you can start to identify typical questions and problems buyers face.

A clear picture of your audience helps you weave content stories that attract interest, inform, educate and ultimately, intrigue prospects.

Delivering your content through the right channels at the right times is just as important. What channels are your audience frequenting, and when is the best time to reach them?

Content syndication is one of the core solutions Internal Results provides. We help you develop personalised content in a diverse array of formats, including white papers and cases studies and present them to your target audience.


Incorporate Visual – Into Everything!

Did you pause at the image above?

“A picture paints a thousand words” but “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” comes from a Forrester Research report by Dr James McQuivey titled “How Video Will Take Over The World” dating back to June 2008.

Every marketer out there understands that emotional appeals strengthen your personalised message.

In addition to crafting stories that impact buyers, thoughtful visuals and useful demonstration tools help tap into primary interests and concerns.

Break down the potential revenue gains or cost savings for a B2B buyer using your type of solution, for instance. Incorporate characters and story elements that resonate with your audience.

We retain 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read, and 10% of what we hear.

Cisco has forecast that by 2019 as much as 80% of consumer internet traffic will be devoted to watching video online.

Visual content is the biggest driver of engaging content, so use it as much as you can.

Step-by-step pictorials and videos are among popular content formats for demonstrating a solution or spelling out its benefits.

Evaluate and Adapt

Listening is as important as delivering messages in personalised lead generation and marketing.

You listen by researching the types of content that your target audience finds useful.

Monitor the typical path your prospects take from initial connect through lead conversion.

As you evaluate, adapt your content strategies to emphasise preferred communication formats, messages and content elements.

Giving buyers what they want is personalised, and better for your business too.

marketing statistics

Wrap Up

Powerful personalisation in lead generation includes a genuine interest in your target audience. Without it, you won’t get the results you want.

Get familiar with their needs and problems. Remember, these are people just like you.

Rely on data, not assumptions or hunches, so that you can develop and deliver engaging content with high-quality visuals.

Over time, listen, evaluate your results, and adapt.

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