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What is Pay for Performance Appointment Setting?

Written by
Noel Hooban

Sales leaders often find themselves in a quandary about lead generation. In particular, they struggle with how to get meetings with highly-quality prospects without breaking the bank.

To attract quality leads, you often have to invest significant time and resources to navigate through unqualified prospects. The more resources you invest in inefficient appointment setting calls, the less time your team has to close deals.

Some firms would prefer to outsource lead generation, but can’t find an affordable option.

Pay for performance appointment setting allows you to generate qualified leads without paying for ineffective calls.

What is Pay for Performance Appointment Setting?

Pay for performance appointment setting is an outsourced solution where you only pay for lead generation when appointments are arranged with a prospect.

The appointment setter acts on your behalf so that the person receiving the call understands that the caller is from your company.

For example, if the partner firm makes 100 calls, but only sets 20 appointments, you pay for the 20 established meetings, but not the 80 unproductive contacts.

Additionally, even those 80 companies that decide now is not the right time to meet you still get to hear about your company and its services. Therefore, it is also a great source of brand awareness.

The Benefits of Pay for Performance Appointment Setting

The following is an overview of four of the most important benefits derived from a pay-for-performance campaign and further insight into why it is the ideal way to conduct lead generation:

No Wasted Investment

First and foremost, you don’t waste money. You only pay for results with this type of approach, which is the ideal scenario with any business investment.

Whether you have internal staff make calls or pay other firms to do so, more traditional compensation structures don’t account for wasted time spent talking to prospects who don’t agree to a meeting.

Typical providers charge you for their time whether or not the results are favourable for you.

High-Quality Leads

The performance-based pay system motivates your lead-generation firm to concentrate on high-quality leads because they want to operate efficiently and get paid.

A company that offers this type of payment approach has confidence in its ability to help identify and attract the best leads for your business.

After all, calling on unqualified, low-opportunity prospects is going to be a waste of time and resources for the partner firm.

Dedicated Sales Staff

When you outsource your lead generation and only pay for appointments, you free up your sales team to concentrate on conversions.

Outside reps usually despise and feel burdened by appointment setting requirements. Outsourcing lead generation takes away the frustration and allows for continuous improvement in lead nurturing, demonstrations and closing.

Focus on Growth

Some firms avoid looking at particular sales growth strategies because they don’t want to face the investment demands of conventional lead-generation activities.

With performance-based pay, these fears subside.

You can look to penetrate more deeply into an existing market or go after other markets that you have been hesitant to contact in the past.

The net results include a broader customer base and more significant revenue and profits.

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Wrap Up

Pay-for-performance is the best hybrid between inside sales and outsourced appointment setting.

You take lead generation off the plate of your expert sales team without having to pay for inefficiencies.

Plus, you likely attract the highest-quality leads possible.

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