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December 28, 2019

Overcoming 3 Lead Generation Challenges For Sales Teams

Written by
Noel Hooban

Identifying common challenges faced by firms in your industry is one of the best initial plans to improve your lead generation. Then, you can develop and enact the best strategies to offset these obstacles and achieve optimal results.

The following is a look at some of the most common B2B lead generation challenges, along with tips and insights on how your firm can overcome them.

Prospects Ignoring Your Calls

Getting no response and routinely leaving voicemail messages is a common frustration and waste of time for your sales reps. In some cases, companies simply throw up their hands and assume that these unfortunate occurrences are a necessary evil within the selling process.

In fact, there are a lot of important things your business can do to reduce the impact of prospects ignoring your calls.

Typically, people ignore sales calls because their assumption is you have nothing to offer them of value.

Thus, the most important first step is to call on people that you are confident you can help. Using deep data that identifies buyer personas and includes insights on behaviours gives you a better sense of who is more likely to pick up the phone.

Once you’ve built out your buyer personas, coach your reps on how to effectively initiate the first contact in a way that motivates a meeting. Alternatively, hire a firm with expertise in appointment setting and let your team focus on the nurturing process.

Inability to Reach Decision Makers

The longer it takes your reps to reach economic decision makers, the longer the selling cycle. That is, if you ever do get through to the person who has authority to agree to a purchase.

To reduce roadblocks to the decision maker, know from the beginning the exact person in an organisation that has a keen interest in your solution. Use intent data to figure out how people in specific job functions investigate business problems online.

This data helps you target prospects through an account-based marketing approach. You could even target multiple decision makers in the same firm with different strategies, messages and solutions.

Prepare a message strategy that quickly conveys an understanding of the decision maker’s critical business issue and offer a hook as to why your firm is the best partner to offset the negative implications of that issue. You may also use lead generation tools to get extra ideas.

Poor Quality Lead Database

Bad input produces bad output in online lead generation. If you have a poor quality lead generation database, you won’t effectively gather accurate, deep insights on the contacts with whom you want to work.

Take the time to thoroughly review your infrastructure needs, including the types of software solutions your company requires.

The database you use should align with your purpose, objectives and processes. It is also important to validate and verify the data you collect so that you gain accurate insights through analytics and achieve effective communication with prospects.

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Wrap Up

These are three critical problems faced by many firms in B2B lead generation. You can’t ignore these if you want to be successful. Instead, confront them head-on and prepare some of the ideas noted to overcome them and earn a competitive advantage.

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