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July 13, 2021

Living Security: Starting Out on a Foundation of Quality Data

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Internal Results

Grounding Success in Great Data with Living Security

Living Security was founded in 2017 with the mission to prevent dreaded cybersecurity breaches with a human risk management platform that does more than simply meet compliance needs. Rather than focus merely on hardware or software solutions, Living Security believes that the key lies in educating and empowering people. To that end, they offer gamified learning and immersive experiences that engage and educate users. Of course, they also have a science-backed, tech-enabled platform that provide CISOs with the ability to measure effectiveness and program ROI.

The company approached Internal Results in Q4 of 2020. Having come out of successful Series A funding, the company was looking to scale up. The biggest challenge was that they were building a B2B marketing plan from scratch. To do that successfully, they wanted to build their own internal B2B contact database that would be the foundation of outbound communications. It was their belief that too small a sample size for their database would limit their conversions when they reached out to market.

The Key is Good Data to Start With

Before engaging the services of Internal Results, Living Security had approached to other vendors. While it's not to say that they didn't get relevant contacts and a lot of records overall, they noticed that the percentage of recipients tagging what was being sent to them as spam shot up. Often, this was because those contacts were not validated prior to delivery to Living Security. So many weren't likely to be expecting anything and had reacted to what marketing and sales materials were sent to them as most would, with suspicion and distrust. Additionally, they received a lot of replies that indicated that the content they were sending out weren't at all relevant to those receiving them which is a big no-no.

With Internal Results, we made used an email and outbound messaging campaign to gather the relevant B2B contact data and then validated these with calls to not only gauge the accuracy of the material but to also ensure that those leads we passed on consented to being sent relevant material. It wasn't just contact information that was provided, we also provided key intent data that focused on engagement and reading statistics based on their own content. This is, of course, always useful to guiding how your sales and marketing teams tailor their approach when they work to nurture your leads.

Success is in the Details

You can have a wealth of data but not be able to make much of it if you don't pay attention to the details. We not only looked for B2B contacts that matched the specific parameters of what made for ideal customers at Living Security, we also made sure to check these contacts for the accuracy of their information and give them the option to consent and opt in. This has lead to Living Security enjoying a 0% spam and low-to-0% bounce rate overall. This kind of success snowballs and they also enjoy an impressive 165% quarter-over-quarter growth in their main website traffic. A majority of that traffic was highly relevant, improving their conversions overall.

Get all the data you want and need today!

The key to successful B2B marketing and sales campaigns is to have a large enough sample size to reach out to. It isn’t just about size, however, as you need leads that are relevant. Living Security already had a firm grasp on who their ideal customers were. They already had amazing material on their key products and services. What they needed was careful organization, proper segmentation, and responsible verification of the B2B sales leads lists they were paying for—and Internal Results delivered.

Are you in need of quality B2B contacts to reach out to? Do you want a leg-up on your marketing and sales efforts?

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