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September 23, 2016

5 Core Abilities of The Very Best Lead Generators

Written by
Noel Hooban

The combination of abilities required for elite lead generation is hard to find. To attract the right types of people to your business in an efficient way is a virtual art form.

The following are several core abilities of sales professionals that excel in lead generation.

Strategic Thinking

Great lead generators begin with a plan. Experts in landing leads don’t just start calling on the first prospects that come into their view.

Before cold calling, you need to identify the ideal buyers for each particular solution that you offer.

Only after selecting your optimal accounts is it time to implement calls. At that point, artful lead generation involves delivering a powerful glimpse into the value proposition your company offers to a chosen prospect.

Intent Data Reliance

Amateur lead generators fail to distinguish the major differences that separate the backgrounds and motives of individual buyers. However, great prospectors rely on intent data to gain more familiarity with a particular buyer before making a call.

Intent data includes more specific details on a prospect’s geographical and location-based behaviours and enhanced demographic traits. Further insights in these areas help the cold caller understand the motives, preferences, and needs of the buyer at a deeper level.

Excellent Listening Skills

While lead generation involves initiating a call to a prospect, the best lead generators are actually great listeners. Even on a first call, a prospect is put off by a typical salesperson talking at them.

Inviting the buyer to share insights on the types of problems or issues faced establishes a sincere desire on behalf of the company to help.

It also allows the rep to take a more targeted approach to getting the appointment.


It takes listening skills to hear and understand a prospect’s message, and detail orientation to capture key elements of the conversation.

Persuasive Communication

The ultimate goal of a lead generation call is to get a buyer to commit to a meeting. Therefore, artful reps need to guide the conversation in this direction.

Making the prospect comfortable on the phone is an ability that few salespeople naturally possess. It takes time and practice to instil comfort in someone you call on for the first time.

Detail Orientation

It doesn’t do much good to get a targeted prospect to accept a meeting if you aren’t thorough in capturing and recording profile data.

Recording prospect data and notes from the initial call in CRM software is essential to a successful first meeting and transition into lead nurturing.

Sales reps need to review contact profiles prior to the in-person visit to prepare the best need discovery and presentation activities.

Wrap Up

There are few salespeople that can consistently and efficiently land appointments through lead generation.

In a traditional sales organisation, reps are typically better at nurturing and building sales than hooking prospects.

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