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The Value of a Repeatable and Measurable Lead Generation Process

Written by
Noel Hooban

The importance of a repeatable and measurable lead generation process is often overlooked.

However, it is very difficult to optimise your process if it lacks consistency and ongoing evaluation.

The following is a look at why a repeatable, measurable lead generation process is important, and some helpful tips for developing an optimised system.

Well-Defined Steps

To capture the value of repeatable lead generation, document or define your steps. This documentation is especially useful when you attempt to transfer successes from one project to another, or from one representative to another.

Without documentation, your employees must rely on anecdotal memory and preferred methods of lead generation.

In contrast, a well-documented approach becomes automated and eliminates much of the delay and inconsistency in execution and results.

It then follows that as you hire new people, it is easier to coach them on your lead generation system when it is defined.

Integration of Front-End Activities

It is often difficult for organisations to integrate front-end activities of marketing, sales and customer service.

This integration potential is greatly improved when you have a vision and plan for lead generation.

Your plan helps eliminate much of the tension that is common, especially between marketing and sales teams. Each group needs to understand their roles and responsibilities for attracting and retaining new customers.

With a well-defined system, including stated roles and expectations for each function, your front-end reps are more likely to operate as an efficient, well-oiled machine.

Better Tracking and Improvement

It is also much easier to measure results when you have consistent lead generation processes and activities.

You can develop tracking tools and methodology that applies in each given instance of lead generation. Over time, learn the best tools and approaches that consistently achieve the results that you want.

You can even get a sense of how prospect factors such as demographics, firmographics or geographics, impact your lead generation results.

Fewer Missed Opportunities

A consistent lead generation process also reduces your potential for delayed follow-up and missed opportunities.

A Harvard Business Review study showed that only 37 percent of companies followed up on online leads within one hour, and only 16 percent within one to 24 hours.

Lead qualification, an important efficiency step, was seven times more common with follows up of one hour or less, and 60 times more likely than with follows up of 24 hours or longer.

Your team is more likely to take advantage of add-on sales opportunities with consistent follow-up communication as well.

In a 2013 CSO Insights study (link will open a PDF), 41.7 percent of CSOs reported the need to improve additional opportunities for existing customers.

value of a defined lead generation process

Defined roles and responsibilities during lead generation enhance front-line communication, productivity and efficiency.

Wrap Up

The more you execute a consistent lead generation process, the more results you have to evaluate and utilise for improvement.

To optimise results, define your process, integrate all front-end activities, track and improve, and avoid missed opportunities.

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