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November 10, 2015

Is Your B2B Sales Pipeline Strong and Healthy?

Written by
Noel Hooban

Understand your b2b sales pipeline, and you can expand your business growth.

Is your b2b sales pipeline clogged?

One of the best ways to grow your business is to efficiently manage your sales pipeline.

However, when you’re focused on lead generation, it can be difficult to turn your attention to removing the blockages that inadvertently turn away your leads.

If you’re interested in developing a stronger sales pipeline, try these techniques to ensure that your business gets the sales leads that you need.

See Sales as a Team Effort

While the stereotypical view of the salesperson is that of someone who is strong, independent and a powerful character who single-handedly lands sales, the fact is that sales can quickly turn into a team effort, and this can significantly enhance your business.

In fact, everyone across the company can help with the sales effort.

From simply being friendly and helpful with an incoming enquiry, to interacting with the business marketing efforts across social media networks such as LinkedIn.

Every little helps.

Encourage your employees to share goals and techniques and collaborate in person and online.

Sharing and aligning your sales strategies increases sales growth and customer satisfaction and can help tremendously with your branding efforts.

Develop a Strong Coaching Program

When you have top salespeople, use them to help others on your team.

Highlight achievements and changes that people make to their sales strategies – both positive and negative.

Replicate what works well and share it across your team.

Develop a sales coaching program that encourages your top salespeople to act as coaches for new or struggling sellers.

Create an incentive program to move people along in their sales career, then use your coaches to help them achieve those sales goals.

This will also give you a real insight into those that can make the transition from sales into management as not all great salespeople make great managers.

Understand Your Market

This is one of the key areas for any sales person.

As you develop your sales pipeline, you need to focus on understanding who’s coming into that pipe and market to them accordingly.

Sounds simple enough but often you’ll have numerous market segments to target along with multiple people in different roles.

It’s important to understand each one’s needs.

The needs and challenges of the CFO are not the same as the needs and challenges of the Sales Director.

Having one blanket message for all of them is not providing value and certainly not demonstrating you understand your potential customer.

Your sales message needs to provide both a business value and a personal one.

Knowledge of your prospects’ business is critical: who their customers are, who their competitors are, what concerns your prospect has based upon their business needs (and their position within the company), being able to demonstrate how your solution solves a real business problem – all of these show you know how to market to that segment.

For example, you may be marketing your graphic design services to new startups that have specific needs such as logo and brochure design.

Understand what that particular market demands.

What are the problems of this market segment, and how do your products and services solve those problems?

By targeting each market segment, you’ll be better able to speak directly to the needs of those leads.

Respect Your Sales Leads’ Time

Automate your sales pipeline as much as you can, respecting your leads’ time and your own.

Encourage leads to visit you online and sign up for an email newsletter, for example.

Through exceptional content, provide value to all those who visit your site.

When leads feel like you value their time, they’re more likely to return to you and move down the sales pipeline.


Focus your energy on sales-ready leads.

Focus on Qualified Leads

When you’re looking for leads, you need to focus on quality over quantity.

A hundred poorly-qualified leads are no match for ten who are qualified and sales-ready.

You must design your sales pipeline to look for those leads who are highly motivated.

Your pipeline strategy should weed out those who are less interested, encouraging them to connect with your company in other ways until they’re ready to buy.

For these early stage leads, focus on providing reliable value and growing your relationship with those customers.

You should concentrate your time on those who are poised to purchase.

For example, you may provide a webinar for those who are looking for your services, followed by a call to sign up on your email list.

But you’ll offer phone contact to those who have specific questions about your services.

Invest more time on those leads who are going to turn into customers.

When you’re focused on growing your B2B leads, Internal Results can help.

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