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April 19, 2021

Internal Results is Now a Demand Science Brand

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Internal Results

We’re thrilled to announce that today Demand Science has acquired both Internal Results and Leadiro - adding the two to its expansive and far-reaching family of B2B-focused brands. The company, already a leading provider of Global Buyer Intelligence as well as a provider of comprehensive B2B solutions for many global companies, has sought to become the go-to solutions provider for B2B intelligence products and services. This move bolsters their strategy significantly.

For us in Internal Results, this move only serves to accelerate our growth, and we're now a bigger, stronger company. We now leverage the full potential of Demand Science's extensive resources and will be able to support our clients with access to over 100 million B2B buyers, additional technologies, and manpower to fulfill our marketing campaigns better than ever before.

We will continue to operate independently to avoid disruptions in the way we deliver services to our customers, but now with more resources, more data to serve them even better.

Our founders will be added to Demand Science Group’s executive team - Ian Cullen will continue as President of Leadiro and be taking on the role of Chief Product Officer of Demand Science, and Chris Whife continues as President of Internal Results and becomes President of Demand Science International.

As a Demand Science Group brand, we all have much to gain and are excited for what the future holds.

You can check out the full press release here.

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