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How Bad Data Can Impact Your Sales Team

Written by
Noel Hooban

The efficiency, productivity and morale benefits gained from using a CRM only extend as far as quality data allows.

Having bad data in your system is actually worse in many ways than not using a CRM at all.

Here are some specific examples of how bad data impacts your sales team and why data integrity is an important focal point.

Inefficient Demand Generation and Low Productivity

The efficiency with which your reps contact prospects and set initial meetings is crucial in the selling process. Bad profile data leads to wasted phone calls or e-mail messages that go undelivered. Every time a salesperson calls a wrong or faulty number, it takes away time and effort better spent on constructive activities.

Bad data can also lead to poor planning for those initial calls. A rep may have the right contact information, but inaccurate data on prospect preferences, job roles and problems. Bad profile data like this leads to poor planning for the initial call and inefficient starter conversations.

Poor Relationship Management

Over the course of the selling process, reps should be gathering and inputting additional details about the sales journey. Notes on meetings and activities are vital resources in effective communication flow throughout the buyer’s journey.

After a successful sale is made, the data gathered during the lead nurturing process is used for ongoing interaction and relationship management. Bad data may cause confusion and miscommunication on follow-up calls, or simply no follow-up contact at all. Follow-up calls are vital to ensuring a buyer is having a positive experience, addressing any problems and identifying add-on sales opportunities.

Ineffective product delivery and installation systems are another potential pitfalls of poor data during the fulfilment stage of the buyer’s journey.

Frustration and Low Morale

Inaccurate record-keeping of sales activities also produces inaccurate reporting on metrics.

If wins aren’t accurately reported, for instance, your rep or sales team may experience a lower sales conversion rate than it really achieved. This result could attract unfair criticism and lead to frustration, low morale and negative sentiment moving forward.

Salespeople experience frustration and low morale from trying to do their jobs without accurate information in hand. Invalid or hard-to-read reports, for instance, make it difficult for reps to make informed decisions and to take the appropriate steps in a buying stage.

Another indirect result of having bad data is that trying to address this problem distracts your team from its focus on productivity.

Wrap Up

Your sales team needs thorough and accurate data to make efficient calls, deliver high-impact messages and manage customer relationships.

Poor customer satisfaction and high churn rates are normally signals that data quality is a potential problem in your business.

Customer retention plays a major role in long-term revenue and profitability. Therefore, your reps need to ensure they gather and maintain accurate data themselves as they build a customer’s profile.

Contact us to see how internal analysis is helpful in identifying how effectively your team is using data to drive more efficient sales performance.

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