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December 16, 2016

3 Strategies for Helping Sales Reps Focus on Closing Deals

Written by
Noel Hooban

If you are trying to figure out how to get your sales team to improve conversion rates, consider strategies that enable reps to focus more on closing deals.

In many cases, low conversion rates result from salespeople being bogged down by lead generation processes.

The following is a look at several strategies you can employ to support your reps and help them close deals more efficiently.

Systematise Best Practices

Don’t overlook the brain drain that occurs when reps have to dedicate mental energy to identifying and implementing best lead generation practices.

Reps often end up navigating cold calls, emails and other methods without a clear plan, organisational system or emphasis on efficiency.

Evaluate the methods that consistently produce the best results for your business. Build ideal customer profiles or buyer personas, which allow you to target the right people every time.

Coach your reps on using the most efficient prospecting methods. Save them the brain drain by defining best practices, and automating much of the lead generation process.

Business person closing deals with clients

Offer Better Data

Time is often wasted in lead generation because reps don’t have access to high-quality profile data on prospects.

Incomplete or inaccurate prospect profiles cause reps to have to conduct more research prior to making calls.

It is important that your marketing function collaborates with sales reps to build thorough prospect profiles from the beginning.

More profile data allows for more effective, and therefore efficient, prospecting contacts. Less time and energy spent getting appointments preserves more time and energy for preparing strong, customised sales presentations.

It gives your reps additional ammunition for effective need discovery, which is imperative to closing deals.

Reps need to investigate the distinct needs and pain points of each customer to articulate value in a way that matters.

Outsource Lead Generation Activities

Typical sales reps don’t like lead generation activities.

Even those who have talent in these areas get worn down from the process of attracting prospects, impeding their ability to focus on sales presentation and conversion strategies.

Outsourcing lead generation activities is one of the simplest, but most impactful things you can do to free your reps up to focus on closing.

You also benefit from hiring an expert provider that has expertise in helping clients target and land appointments with ideal customer types.

Thus, you get the best of both worlds — a happier and more focused sales team, and more expert lead generation.

Wrap Up

In general, you have two basic options for reducing the lead generation stress on your team and helping them close more deals.

You can define best practices for efficient activities, or outsource appointment setting requirements to an expert firm.

Regardless, your reps will convert much more efficiently when they have time and energy to focus on need discovery and value articulation.

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