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November 4, 2016

How to Follow-Up with Event-Based Marketing Leads

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Noel Hooban

Event-based marketing is a popular strategy to engage new prospects.

In the digital age, this personalised approach remains an effective method to create intrigue.

To succeed with this strategy, though, it is important to follow up with new marketing leads after meeting them at an event.

The following is a look at some key tips to follow up with business leads after marketing events.

Plan Ahead

The first key to post-event follow-up is to have a plan in place before the event. If you wait until after the event to decide how to follow-up, it is too late.

People expect to hear from you in a timely manner, or they forget about the interaction.

Your plan should include the communication goals, message format, content and sequence for all scheduled post-event executions.

Load Your Database

Your data collection actions during the event have a lot of value as well. You need to load up your database with as much detail as you can gather about prospects.

Depending on the traffic at the event, you may not have time to capture much more than a name, number and address.

Paper forms, QR codes, interactive surveys and kiosk forms are among the approaches used to gather prospect data at events.

Start Immediately

Begin your event-based follow-up right away. You could even start with an automated email message after capture, or with a social message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

This immediate message reinforces that you valued meeting the prospect. It also allows for rapid digital connection.

Offer a free gift to help ensure that the contact pays attention to your initial follow-up message. Perhaps the prospect can click on a link in your social message or email, fill out a more involved questionnaire, and receive the prize.

Establish Objectives and Formats

Two key aspects of effective follow-up messages with marketing leads are clear objectives and appropriate formats.

Common post-event message objectives include: delivering more in-depth information, driving the prospect to your website and arranging an in-person visit.

Your goals likely dictate which format or formats you communicate with. If the goal is to quickly engage in a sales introduction, your follow-up may include a sales contact.

Often, though, you send direct mail pieces or email messages that further establish the connection. These approaches allow you to direct the contact to your website for more information and solution landing pages.

From there, you can continue the conversation with a sales call.

follow up with marketing leads

Wrap Up

Successful event-based follow-ups with marketing leads are driven by effective planning, data collection, message objectives, timing and formatting.

Map out your intent and strategy to turn the event prospect into a more engaged buyer or a qualified sales lead.

Internal Results has experience and expertise in helping you manage all facets of communication with marketing leads with our day rate or inside sales services.

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