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October 31, 2017

Embrace Technology to Improve Your Sales Organisation

Written by
Noel Hooban

Most of the strategies and methodology that drives successful sales organisations in the current environment are grounded in technology. To keep up, or even to develop a competitive advantage, it is essential that your firm embrace technological advances.

If you are new to technology in the sales force, the following is an overview of how technology enables your sales organisation to achieve greater success.

Harness the Power of Data

Firstly, technology not only supports the collection of big data, but it also allows your company to get the most value from it.

The power of analytics software programs continues to grow year-on-year. With machine learning and artificial intelligence now playing a key role, developers aim to give you the right blend of predictability and human intuition.

In addition to demographic, firmographic and geographic data, advanced software solutions enable the gathering of intent data. This type of data gives you deeper insights into how targeted prospects go about their buying process.

With this data in hand, you can develop more engaging and influential content and deliver it through the proper channels to achieve better results.

One of the biggest wastes of time for sales reps is trying to find the right messages to send to a particular prospect.

Recent research shared by Salesforce revealed that 65 percent of sales reps say it is hard to find the right content when needed, leading to only 30 percent of content created actually being used. That is a huge waste of time and resource for any business.

Simply looking for content contributes to 7 to 8 hours of wasted time each week. More organised content combined with intent data can help alleviate these issues.

Automate Key Selling Stages

For traditional sales organisations, the notion of using data to automate various stages of the selling process may seem scary. However, that’s exactly what top-performing firms do. They identify opportunities to automate steps when the results are not adversely affected.

As an example, automated marketing communication tools are used to deliver targeted emails and digital messages based on user behaviours. In essence, you create campaigns, and they get delivered based on prescribed actions taken by individual prospects. This approach improves efficiency while maintaining a very personalised and relevant content strategy.

High performing marketers

Optimise Talent Acquisition and Management

You can even leverage the power of technology to more quickly convert new hires into high-performing representatives. A common goal for sales organisations is decreasing the ramp-up time from new hire to peak productivity.

The use of technology to manage onboarding activities amplifies the strength of in-person training programs you provide in the first few months. You can offer training modules and other interactive development tools that reinforce what you do in person and allow the rep to continuously review key points.three-

Wrap Up

Technology is essential to your sales firm’s ability to survive and thrive in the new marketplace. Top companies leverage tech tools to build a strong sales force that goes after the most opportune prospects with the best messages every time.

Therefore, combined with a flexible, agile workforce, technology supports your ability to optimise revenue and profits.

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