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January 6, 2017

How To Improve Your Sales With Lead Generating Content

Written by
Noel Hooban

Creating lead generating content that is not only well-written and compelling, but that actually drives sales, is easier said than done.

You have to understand the importance of timing your message to the buyer journey stage and addressing specific needs and challenges of targeted personas.

The following is a look at several ideas and tips for creating lead generating content that optimises sales results.

Have a Purpose

How many times have you heard the phrase “Content Is King”?

Content won’t drives sales unless it has a clear purpose.

You should never write marketing content without knowing your targeted reader and the intended outcome of the reader’s consumption.

If your goal is to reach a prospect when he is conducting his first initial exploration of a problem, tailor your message to offer a general informational overview.

When a prospect is farther along, such as in the consideration stage, craft messages that highlight points of differentiation and value with your solutions.

Understand Your Buyer

Just as a salesperson performs need discovery before presenting a solution, you need to understand your buyer and his situation before creating informative or persuasive content.

Along with the buyer’s journey stage, develop a persona profile on his deep needs and business issues. Consider the potential lost revenue or high costs faced without a resolution.

Your buyer is a person too, even though he or she represents a business.

Therefore, the more you can build up his profile in areas such as demographics, psychographics and geographics, the better.

A clear picture of your reader gives you a better shot at pinpointing his concerns and motives before writing content.

Vary Your Methods and Features

It often takes more than one attempt to get someone to listen to a message, whether within a selling situation or not.

Mixing up the format and features of your content can improve your odds of connecting with a particular buyer in the right way at the right moment.

In one scenario, a buyer may want content that includes in-depth copy supported by facts and features. In a different situation, it may take creative images, infographics or videos that demonstrate value to get a buyer interested.

Be Helpful

Helpful, informative content is important.

However, you need to consider which buttons to press that actually cause a reader to take action.

Emotional appeals almost always carry greater persuasive weight than logical ones.

In your buyer persona, identify the emotions that contribute to the target’s current problem and those that would drive a purchase.

For instance, a buyer frustrated with the ongoing hassle of coordinating technical support for a piece of equipment is driven by frustration.

Your offering of a peace-of-mind solution could hit the spot in convincing him to make a change.

Two men discussing

Envisioning an actual person reading content at the other end of a computer connection often helps you develop persuasive language.

Final Thoughts On Lead Generating Content

For lead generating content to drive sales, you need to think your process through much like a salesperson.

Create a deep, thorough profile of your buyer’s needs, current journey stage and personal characteristics.

Craft varied content that intends to emotionally persuade a buyer to take the desired action.

Lastly, but most importantly, educate your customer in a knowledgeable and trustworthy manner.

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