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January 31, 2017

Try These 5 Simple But Useful Tips To Make Better Content

Written by
Noel Hooban

As B2B marketers, optimising engagement is a common marketing objective.

We all want increased interaction with the marketplace with our social media efforts, but it is also important to engage readers in content marketing.

And yet, only 42% of B2B marketers believe that their content marketing strategies are effective.

If you’re among that 42%, the following tips can contribute to improving your content strategy and increase reader engagement.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reinvent the Wheel

It is perfectly fine, and even advisable, to apply content strategies that have proven successful for other companies.

However, you must present content in a way that the reader finds genuine and engaging.

Analyse content strategies used by your competitors, but look for ways to add your compelling features and a personal voice.

Target a Particular Buyer Type

Consider engagement in a large-group presentation. If a presenter speaks to a crowd of 100 and makes little eye contact, the majority of the audience may disengage or feel excluded.

In contrast, a dynamic presenter that employs strong presentation skills and makes eye contact with members throughout will demand attention.

In the same way, your content must speak directly to the interests of a targeted reader.

Assume when you create content that you are presenting it to an audience member on the other side of your digital connection. Detailed buyer personas, including awareness of needs and interests, are the best place to begin.

Write Conversationally

Envisioning your audience member on the other side also helps you write in a conversational tone.

There are formats in content marketing where more technical language is necessary. However, the more conversational you can make your day-to-day content, the more your reader feels as though you are there talking with him.

It is common to speak in a second person point of view, “you” language, in digital content.

This style builds rapport and enables a deeper connection with a reader than the third-person style used in traditional journalism.

tips to make more engaging content

Write Specifically and Crisply

Writing on specific, relevant topics is also much more engaging than general keyword-driven content.

Avoid filler or fluff content. Each sentence should offer something interesting or valuable to the reader.

Crispness keeps a reader interested in moving from one point to the next.

Answering specific questions pondered by the target market adds to topic specificity.

All content should address a particular issue posed by a targeted buyer at an appropriate stage in the buyer’s journey.

Include Engaging Elements

It may sound obvious, but include engaging elements to make your content more engaging.

No matter how great your copywriting skills are, you can only achieve so much through words on a page.

Intriguing visuals, videos and infographics offer readers something more interesting.

Videos enhance the conversation through a personal presentation and a more direct address of the prospect’s needs.

If you are looking to learn more about how to generate more engaging content on LinkedIn, this infographic they produced in June 2016 may help. (Click for full size).

Motivating LinkedIn Members To Engage With Your Content

Wrap Up

Engaging content is vital to achieving your lead generation objectives.

To optimise engagement, apply creative strategies and practical writing styles to reach your targeted buyer.

Answers specific questions and include interesting elements.

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