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June 10, 2016

How To Align Your Content Strategy With Your Buyers

Written by
Noel Hooban

Content marketing aligns perfectly with the way many B2B buyers search for solutions to business problems.

The majority investigate online, beginning with search engines and continuing on provider websites. Your ability to develop a robust content strategy that creates a clear path to your solutions is essential in B2B lead generation. The following are important tips to help improve your content strategy to align with your typical buyer’s process.

Research Your Readers a.k.a. Know Your Audience

Consider an author writing a book that he hopes is a best seller. To achieve commercial popularity, the author must write a book that speaks to readers in the intended genre. In the same way, your content must speak to the needs and interests of the buyers interested in the solutions you offer.

Research the interests, motives and problems of people that consider each of your solutions. Build buyer personas to develop a full profile or view of these people. Then, create content that matches. Creating content just for the sake of creating content, no matter how good it is, is not enough.

Establish Thought Leadership

Powerful content marketing is about creating a path. Think about Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs. You first connect with buyers, typically after a search, and then create a trail of crumbs to your solution.

In your search engine optimisation strategies, consider your content as answers to problems people research. Use this initial content to establish thought leadership. Show that you recognise the problems a buyer faces, prove knowledge and expertise, and then invite them for more education on your website.


A typical buying cycle for a content marketing strategy by DCustom.

Convert with Diverse Content

On your website, it is important to give a clear, concise and in-depth perspective on the solutions you provide. Whether it is the first step or the next step in the buyer’s journey, make it simple for a prospect to connect with your opportunities.

Add images, graphics, white papers, case studies and videos to your website content to enhance your story. Show and tell a prospect why your particular solution offers benefits that best address the root pains he, or she, is experiencing. Include a compelling call to action, such as an invitation to download a document, try your solution for free or receive a demonstration.

Get Some Help

Content marketing is a lead generation strategy that is different from those historically employed by most sellers and marketers. Therefore, you might be better off hiring a firm that specialises in content marketing and content syndication to develop and distribute your message. A speciality firm will work closely with your internal marketing teams to formulate the best content strategy to optimise your lead generation success.


Powerful content marketing is much more than simply mass-producing articles for your company blog.

It is a strategy designed to create a path for a buyer already engaged in solution investigation. Build a diverse content mix, and consider the advantages of integrating a speciality firm into your plan.

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