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Connecting Product Knowledge to Target Markets

Written by
Noel Hooban

Using Product Knowledge for Target Markets

A lot of sales organisations place emphasis on research to gain product knowledge. And rightly so. You need to understand the benefits your solutions offer to sell effectively.

However, equally important to communicating value is awareness of the specific needs, motives and concerns of your target market.

It is only by matching product knowledge to specific markets can you truly share your unique selling proposition. And to do this, you need to align your product knowledge to your customer needs so that you can articulate real value.

Choose the Right Target Markets

Trying to sell a great product or service to the wrong market can often happen. Especially if you haven’t focused on who your buyers are.

Therefore, the first key to sharing a USP is to identify the types of buyers that have the most genuine need and sense of urgency for your solutions.

You need a basic awareness of your value proposition to target the right buyers, but beyond that, it takes careful planning to filter a large audience. Your best advantage in the marketplace occurs when you go after people who are most likely to appreciate what you offer.

Focus on Your Core Competitive Strengths

When you do call on your targeted buyers, focus your message on core competitive strengths. Ask qualifying questions to find out the details of a buyer’s need, his budget and his sense of urgency.

Learning these three things prepares you for the most impactful sales message.

Offer the best possible match to the prospect’s needs. If your competitive strengths lie in your customer support, for instance, highlight your role as a partner in achieving the buyer’s objectives. If you have a distinct technology, address the benefits it offers that are different from those competing solutions provide.

Align with Value-Oriented Partners

One of the best ways to sell value to your target markets is to align yourself with partners that understand your unique selling proposition. A B2B service solutions company needs to prove its commitment to understanding and representing your business in the same way you do.

Please pardon the use of one of our own testimonials, however, it is particularly relevant to this example.

“I’m continually impressed with the professional approach they take, not only learning our products but truly understanding their USPs and aligning this to the markets and contacts we address.”

A sincere business partner takes the time to understand your target market and to learn the USP of your solutions.


By definition, a unique selling proposition must encompass the benefits offered by a particular solution and the customers to whom those benefits matter.

Therefore, take your in-depth product knowledge, target the right buyers and present your strongest case.

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