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October 28, 2019

How to Choose a Content Syndication Provider

Written by
David Scott

Choosing the Right Content Syndication Provider

Partnering with an established partner to help with your content syndication efforts is a great idea. They'll have experience running campaigns and be able to help your team target key decision-makers that match your target customer.

In this guide we'll show you some key questions to ask during your vendor selection process. By the end of it you'll have a clearer picture into what makes a great content syndication provider.

Why Work With a Content Syndication Provider?

If you're already creating high-quality articles, whitepapers, eBooks, podcasts, videos, or more, you'll need to promote it if you want it to drive leads.

You could run your content syndication program in-house. However, the costs quickly add up, and not just monetarily. Your content team will end up spending more and more time promoting your content but won't have time to create any new content. They'll be spending hours posting your content on various platforms and updating your content distribution plan while figuring out what works.

Over time, you'll lose out on the compounding effects of content as you won't have time to spend on creating new content. You need a balance. Working with a syndicated content provider takes the pressure of your content team and means your in-house team won't need to completely change their priorities.

A good content syndication vendor will have demonstrated expertise and you'll be able to trust them to run your content promotion and get great results.

Questions to Ask Your Content Syndication Provider

Every company has different content promotion requirements. Your ideal customer will be unique, and you'll need a unique method to engage with them and ensure your content gets seen. In this section we'll show you some key questions to ask yourself, and your prospective promotion partner. They'll help provide a clearer picture of your requirements and if the vendor is right for you.

1. What Channels Do They Use?

With so many ways of promoting your content it's worth considering what platforms your content syndication provider uses.

For example, if you go directly with a platform like Outbrain then you'll see results from PPC, but won't have any reach on social media.

If you want the most reach possible and the best chance of having your content seen by decision-makers we recommend working directly with a true multi-channel content syndication provider.

multi-channel content syndication

A multi-channel content syndication provider will ensure your content is syndicated using PPC, email marketing, telemarketing, social media, and more. It's one of the best ways to increase the ROI of your content and get it seen by decision-makers.

2. Can They Help with Content Creation?

As you know, working with third party vendors can be time consuming and increase your management overhead.

If your team need to create content as well as facilitate delivery to the vendor it's going to end up being time-consuming.

Luckily, content syndication vendors like Internal Results can help with content creation too. Once you have defined your ideal customer and goals, our team can create authoritative and unique content under your brand, and promote it for you.

If you can work with a vendor that also works to create content that matches your brand style, voice, and content-type, we'd definitely recommend it. It will save your team time and energy.

3. Do They Have an In-House or External Delivery Team?

If you're outsourcing your content syndication, it needs to be done to the highest standard. You don't want to choose a vendor then later find out they're outsourcing work and delivering low quality results.

Ideally, your content syndication provider will have their own in-house team. The benefits of this are that they will be experienced in knowing the promotion strategies that work, and have experience creating high-quality content. Having a close relationship with your partner company is key. Communication will be easy, and you'll be far more likely to see great results.

4. Their Ideal Client Type

Like if you were working with a marketing agency, not all content syndication providers will be a good fit for you.

You'll need to ask what their ideal customer looks like. Are you a B2B technology company? Then you'll need to work with a vendor that works mainly with companies similar to yours. They'll have market knowledge and be able to apply that to your content promotion campaigns in order to see the best results possible.

Internal Results has worked with companies like IBM, Oracle, Rosetta Stone, as well as a host of other growing companies.

5. What Technologies Do They Use for Targeting?

At the end of the day, all of the above questions mean nothing if your content partner doesn't deliver leads. That's why ensuring they use advanced methods to promote your content is key.

One of the most effective methods of targeting is to use intent data to find out if decision-makers are researching with intent to purchase. If you know when and where your buyers are researching, your content can be targeted in a way that massively increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

When evaluating your vendor, we'd highly recommend asking them if they use intent data to make smart targeting decisions. If they have access to a third-party intent data supply they'll be able to make decisions of engagements that take place all over the web and won't only be limited to your analytics data.

How Internal Results Can Help

If you want to work with an experienced team to grow your lead pipeline using content syndication, Internal Results can help.

Our in-house team based in the US and UK have managed content syndication campaigns for brands leading brands and can tap into a contact database of 44+ million B2B decision-makers. We offer true multi-channel content syndication, and have experience running campaigns across LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, as well as using telemarketing and email marketing to react decision-makers directly.

We also track buying signals using intent data to determine buyer intent and can react immediately to that to engage with decision-makers and put your content in the right place, at the right time.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a content syndication partner is an important job. You'll need to ensure that the vendor you work with is qualified for the job and able to deliver results in the form of qualified leads. There are some key questions you can ask, such as the channels they use, the scope of their work (does it include content creation?), what kind of team structure they have, and how they use data to target key decision-makers that matter to your business.

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