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October 5, 2017

Generate Better Sales Leads – Refresh Your Sales Messaging

Written by
Noel Hooban

If you don’t keep your messages fresh and in-tune with the current pulse of the marketplace, those quality sales leads that you want to attract won’t come around.

It’s essential to understand the scope of the needs your targeted prospects face and prepare messages that resonate in the current climate.

The following are some signs that your sales messaging needs to be modified, along with some specific tips to help you attract better sales leads.

Customer-Centric Content

To influence prospects with your message, your content must have a customer-centric context. Don’t just lay out the ten reasons as to why your company and solutions are awesome.

Instead, demonstrate that you understand the problem faced by the prospect, and explain how your company and its solutions offer benefits and value for resolution.

To make your content customer-centric, you need deep data and powerful personas.

Get a healthy perspective on your prospects from a demographic, geographic, firmographic and behavioural perspective.

Then outline the business problems that cause the prospect to search for information and resources your business provides.

Feedback and Testing

You won’t know if your sales messaging needs a refresh without checking with some different people and conducting testing.

Prospects and customers can help you understand which aspects of your content influence positive and negative behaviours.

And testing allows you to compare various messages delivered across different media channels to figure out which approaches stimulate your targets to action.

In addition to surveys, interviews with established customers can lead to a lot of useful insights.

Ask your top customers for honest feedback on the messages you produce that resonate and those that don’t.

Focus on Value

Your sales messages should explain to the buyer what your company offers that is distinct from alternative solutions.

The goal, though, is to describe benefits for the prospect, enabling him or her to discern that your brand is the right choice for remedying a business problem.

As much as possible, quantify the value for fast and effective interpretation.

For instance, instead of just telling prospects that your solution can save their business a lot of money, state that, “Our software increases revenue for our typical customer by 15 percent each month.”

Then, be prepared with data and other proof devices to back up this point in your presentation.

Man talking on phone

Script or Style Guide

Historically, companies prepared scripts to help salespeople consistently communicate messages.

However, I’m not a fan of them. Strict adherence to scripts leads to robotic, impersonal and generic communication.

And added to this, it doesn’t give the sales rep the opportunity to learn or hone their skill.

In contrast, a style guide establishes more of a tone for the conversation that assists your reps but gives them the flexibility to engage the prospect in a dynamic interaction.

Your basic process is still repeatable and consistent, but it doesn’t restrict the freedom to express personality on the part of reps.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this outline of ideas and insights on adjusting sales messaging can help your company in its effort to appeal to targeted prospects.

In particular, listen to the marketplace to recognise the types of messages that contribute to desired responses.

And just as importantly, talk to your sale people. They’re the one group of individuals that has a clear understanding of what is most important to your prospects.

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