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October 14, 2019

Content Marketing Platforms for B2B to Syndicate Your Content

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David Scott

Content Marketing Platforms to Syndicate Content

If you’re ready to scale up your content syndication you’ll need to know the best platforms to share your content with the world.

But, where should you be posting? The answer is different for every brand.  But, what rings true is that if you don’t know the best content distribution platforms to use, you’ll end up spending your time on research, and no time on promotion.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through some of our favorite content distribution channels that will help you grow your traffic and reach through content. Let’s jump into it.

Done-For-You Content Distribution & Syndication Service

1. Internal Results

If you don’t want to worry about dealing with your content syndication in-house, then working with our team of experts at Internal Results is a great option.

We’re a provider of true multi-channel content syndication. That means your content will be distributed in a way that gives you exposure to all of the key decision-makers you care about. 

We can target millions of decision-makers across industries on social media, as well as using email, telemarketing, and PPC to guarantee your content gets seen and read by the people you want it to resonate with.

Internal Resilts - Content Syndication Platform
Internal Results can syndicate your content over multiple platforms

Your authoritative content, whether it be whitepapers, eBooks, blog posts, videos, or any other digital media type, will help you capture engaged leads and provide them with content they care about.

Internal Results is a great option for teams looking to see huge results from their content, and who want to work with a trusted partner.

Paid Advertising Platforms

1. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with B2B decision-makers. You can select your audiences by company, job titles, and a range of other firmographic and demographic options.

Content Distribution Platform
LinkedIn users can interact with your ads just like any other post

You can publish and sponsor posts from your company page, and they’ll act just like any other post. Your audience will be able to comment on your posts, share them, or like them, which will all help further increase the reach of your content.

You can use a range of call-to-actions that match your content, including lead gen forms, direct download buttons, or even simple InMails or links.

If you want to engage with B2B audiences, it’s hard to find a better platform than LinkedIn. In most cases, the costs of advertising on LinkedIn will be higher than other ad platforms, but the targeting granularity makes up for that.

2. Facebook Ads

Another popular content distribution method is using Facebook Ads and Sponsored Posts. Like LinkedIn, you can create these and have them look exactly like a post you’d share organically from your company page.

The most powerful part of Facebook is that you can do advanced targeting and retargeting to ensure your content gets seen by the right people. For example, you could retarget blog readers with a more in-depth eBook download post.

Facebook ads have a lower cost than LinkedIn (as a general rule - there can always be exceptions!) so it can be effective if you want to run long term, ongoing content promotion campaigns. 

3. Quora Ads

Quora is one of the largest Q&A sites out there. You’ll often see Quora show up in organic search results, but did you know there’s a large and engaged community on the site that has 200+ million monthly visitors?

Content Distribution Sites
With 200+ monthly visitors, targeted Quora Ads can be highly effective

An interesting part of Quora Ads is the targeting options. You can segment your audience by the type of content they’re interested in. For example, marketing, or sales, or startups. 

This ensures your content is shown to the most relevant people who are interested in your topic. 

Social Media Platforms

Social media network may sound like the obvious answer when it comes to places to promote your content, but there’s a good reason for it. 

1. Facebook Groups

Organic reach on Facebook is in decline. Research from Ogilvy found that pages with 500k likes will struggle to see more than 2% organic reach. As we mentioned above, running sponsored posts is a way to combat this, but there’s another component of Facebook that keeps it interesting for content promotion: Groups.

Facebook Groups can be hubs of engaged, like-minded people all interested in a particular topic.

As long as you regularly provide value and don’t only promote your own content, you should be able to see a consistent flow of qualified traffic from Facebook Groups.

2. LinkedIn Groups

Similar to Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups can be a great place to share your content. Expect to see differences in CTRs depending on the group you post in, but the key is to be consistent in providing high-value content and discussion.

Users will be able to comment, share, and engage with your shared content.

3. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most difficult content promotion platforms to master. With around 14 million screen views per month, it’s tempting to dive in and share a link to your content, but there are risks. 

The community is quick to call out posters for being overly self-promoting without providing other value, and each subreddit will have different moderators and a different audience type. 

However, if you strike lucky you can see huge traffic spikes. 

4. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is a paid content promotion service that helps increase shares across social media. It’s a simple content distribution network to use. Simply add the URL of the content you want to promote, write a caption, and start your campaign.

Content Promotion Tool
Quuu Promote can be an effective content distribution tool

If successful, you can expect to see tens, sometimes hundreds of shares across social media from Quuu’s audience.

5. Zest

If you create content on sales and marketing, you’ll want to check out This website has an engaged community who want to read interesting content, and you can share your posts for free. 

If they’re approved, they’ll be added to Zest’s public content feed and get seen by thousands of people.

Sponsored Content & Discovery Platforms

1. Outbrain

If you want to run content promotion campaigns that get your content recommended on authoritative sites like CNN, and the BBC (plus many more) then Outbrain could be for you. 

According to Outbrain, their native ads see a 40% higher click-through rate than your typical display ads (on Google, for example), and this is likely due to the topical relevance of recommended content sections.

You can expect to see a good volume of traffic to your content. Some businesses manage to see cost-per-clicks of around $0.10/click. It’s an affordable option for content promotion, however, it’s less targeted than running ads on LinkedIn, for example.

2. Taboola

Taboola, like Outbrain, is a content discovery platform and ad network that means your content can show up on sites like Forbes and CNBC. It’s slightly more expensive than Outbrain, and you can expect to pay around $0.45/click.

They have a range of case studies on their website that show how companies set up and execute content discovery campaigns in order to generate high ROI on their content.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the best platforms for distributing and syndicating your content, you can start increasing traffic to your source. With a strong content promotion strategy, you’ll be able to increase the number of leads you’re getting from your content marketing efforts. 

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