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December 28, 2019

Pay For Performance Appointment Setting: What Are The Benefits?

Written by
Noel Hooban

It is rare that you only have to pay for efficient performance with any service you purchase for your business. However, that is exactly the case with the pay for performance appointment setting solution offered by Internal Results.

Understanding the pay for performance structure is helpful in comparing providers or in deciding whether to outsource this business activity at all.

Remember, this is not outsourcing your sales & marketing efforts.

Our service is designed to leverage the time and talents of your most valued resource, your field sales team, by introducing them into the selling cycle at the critical juncture with a targeted key executive.

The following is a look at several of the major advantages of pay-for-performance appointment setting.

No Wasted Effort With Pay For Performance

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit.

When you only pay for actual appointments, you avoid waste. With self-managed appointment setting, the waste involves time and resources allocated toward prospecting calls that may or may not amount to anything.

When you outsource the whole of this process, waste includes paying a provider that charges for time or in other ways that include payment for non-effective prospecting.

The pay for performance appointment setting structure offered by Internal Results means you literally only pay money after you agree it is a suitable meeting for your sales rep.

Other companies charge for additional overheads, set-up fees, and retainer fees, which means you could invest a lot without any commitment to consistent, high-quality appointments.

Some companies lock you into a contract for months. We do not.

Pay For Performance Leads To High-Quality Meetings

Deploying a pay for performance appointment setting based payment structure demonstrates that a provider is confident in its approach to executing sales calls and getting meetings with the right people in your targeted prospective clients.

Internal Results functions as a partner and consistently delivers high-quality face-to-face appointments with the major influencers at targeted firms.

The aim from the beginning is to connect your business and solutions to your optimum prospects.

This emphasis ensures that when your reps to sit down for face-to-face meetings, they get to interact with prospects faced with genuine needs that align with your offering.

meeting pay for performance appointment setting

New Opportunities With Pay For Performance

The peace of mind in knowing you only pay for landed appointments makes it easier for you to explore new possibilities.

You can hire Internal Results as a partner to help penetrate an existing market further or to expand into new markets.

Regardless of your growth strategy, with a dedicated performance-based approach, you know you get opportunities with prospects not being reached by your current lead generation activities.

Focus on Nurturing

With a partner focused on landing you high-quality appointments, your sales team can concentrate on the all-important nurturing stage of selling.

Typical sales reps don’t like cold calling; they’d much rather take over at the appointment stage and work on closing a deal with an intrigued prospect.

An indirect benefit of outsourcing to a pay-for-performance provider is that you maintain better morale within your internal teams.

Wrap Up

Pay for performance appointment setting offers you the best of both worlds.

Because you get the best quality prospects provided by a dedicated provider, and you only pay for success.

There is no downside.

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