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March 31, 2021

The Top Benefits of an Account Based Nurturing Program

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Internal Results

Benefits of ABM Nurturing Program

Account based nurturing refers to a strategy of precisely targeting sales leads on an account basis rather than an individual one.

The goal is to enhance overall exposure within targeted accounts to increase your influence among a broader pool of decision-makers and people that contribute to buying decisions. The following is a deeper look at some of the primary benefits of taking an account-based approach to nurturing sales leads.

Broader Reach

An individual approach to nurturing means your reps interact with a single decision-maker at the targeted firm. With an account-based approach to nurturing, you attempt to market to anyone with ties to the purchase decisions made in an organisation, division or department. Simply put, by reaching more people on the account level, you increase the overall level of awareness within organisations you target.

Imagine department groups or buying teams in a prospect firm discussing strategies for resolving challenges or problems, and having many people familiar with your company and solutions. Heightened awareness gives you more voices in the room.

benefits of account based nurturing

Broader Marketing Messages

Specificity is critical to effective targeting of buyers and accounts, but an accounted-based nurturing program allows you to offer marketing messages that cover account needs on a broader basis. You can identify the different interests, motives and concerns of account influencers, and convey your message in a way that appeals to each. This broader appeal enhances your influence during nurturing beyond what you accomplish by speaking just to the needs of one targeted individual.

Journey Alignment

Aligning your content with the buyer’s journey has become common in many nurturing programs. When you take an account-based approach to nurturing, though, you can consider the thoughts and actions of a buying team as it goes through the process. For instance, consider the initial conversations a team of five to seven people might have as they become aware of a problem. Then, analyse how these small teams begin to assess and research before taking action. Having this broader account-based perspective enables you to better target the relevant contacts with your content at each stage.

Increased Sales Opportunities

One of the most direct and financially impactful benefits of account-based nurturing is opportunities to increase sales. The more contacts on an account familiar with your benefits, the greater your openings to conduct add-on or cross-selling. You might, for instance, find that a solution that works well for a particular department leads to opportunities to sell additional solutions to other departments within the target account.

Wrap Up

Account based nurturing offers many advantages, but not a lot of marketing companies or departments take advantage of them. With our technology and approach, Internal Results is strategically positioned to help you succeed with account-based nurturing. Contact us to get started.

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