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September 20, 2021

An Essential Guide to Effective B2B Content Creation

Written by
Martin Taylor

While their goals are fundamentally the same, there’s a core difference between content created for the B2C versus B2B markets.

With a B2C audience, marketers can afford to let their hair down, so to speak. They can afford to make things fun, strike emotional chords, and generally be informal. Now, that’s not to say that B2B content can’t be fun. It’s just that B2B content also needs to aid businesses in establishing authority in the field and industry in which they operate.

Why Authority Matters

Let’s face, nearly everyone gets roped in and influenced to buy by marketing hype and sales talk. Many of the products that you currently favor are the results of buying into a B2C marketer’s efforts—and products that lived up to the hype. Now, in B2C marketing, there will be occasions when you get burned and a product is terrible. Considering that you didn’t likely spend too much on those products, it’s easy enough to chalk things up to experience and just never buy again.

When it comes to B2B, not only are the prices of products and services significantly bigger, but they can have an equally significant impact on your business and its bottom line. That is to say, you can’t just write off a bad purchase. That’s why when it comes to B2B content, while there’s a lot of room to have fun and you should, in fact, be clever to stand out, you should bear in mind that you’re catering to an audience that is far more discerning and far less easily swayed by sales talk.

That’s where the concept of authority comes in. What that means is that you should back your claims for your B2B products and services with facts that clearly display your knowledgeability of the industry and its pain points. You should also be able to make it clear to your audience what problems your products and services solve and why they should choose you over the competition. Here are a few ways you can go about that:

1 – Create valuable B2B content.

The reason it’s recommended that you steer clear of humor and light-hearted B2B content is that there’s a very real risk that focus will be put on the humor rather than the content itself. In order for B2B content to have value, there must be something relevant taken away by anyone who peruses that content. Whether it’s an answer to a pain point on the reader’s mind or a key statistic that showcases relatable success, your B2B content should be relevant and worthwhile.

2 – Make B2B content easy-to-read.

In order to actually maximize the value you hope to impart, you need to make your B2B content easy-to-read. Note that this doesn’t imply you have to oversimplify at the cost of losing key details. What it does mean is couching key information in terminology and formatting that makes it easier to digest. Avoid the use of jargon and go for simpler terms as much as possible. Should you need to get technical—as would be the case for certain products and services—make sure to simplify explanations as well.

3 – Ensure your B2B content is memorable.

Here’s where humor and a bit of fun comes in. However valuable the content, however easy to digest, if you don’t make it memorable, it will easily be drowned out by other B2B content vying for their attention. Here’s where you need to be very careful, however. For one, you should only use humor to catch attention—let the quality of information that follows keep the attention. For another, you can also rely on stories (as in case studies) to provide real world examples of your products and services in action.

4 – Craft your B2B content for shareability.

To get more mileage out of any B2B content you invest in, you have to make it sharable. Making that happen is all about the different media  you can use to present your content. The most common way is through articles posted online on your website. It’s a good medium to allow the presentation of a lot of key information. You would do well however to create videos, images, case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, and other formats to present that information in differing, sharable forms.

5 – B2B content needs to also be targeted.

With B2C content, you try to hit a wider audience to sell more product. With B2B content, you really start out with a specific audience in mind—the ones who can benefit from and genuinely need your products and services. Given that, you need to ensure that you cater to that audience in the content you create. Talk to your sales team about common pain points or problems your audience faces and create content to answer those. Research commonly searched topics by your audience to target more effectively.

6 – Always check on the analytics.

Finally, and this is relevant after your B2B content is made and seeded out there, you should also check on its performance via analytics. This could be via the baked-in analytics platforms on social media platforms you distribute your content on, engagement statistics if you have chosen to syndicate your content on dedicated platforms, or even on your website via Google Analytics. The idea is to see what exactly works so you can apply it to further efforts.

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