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January 17, 2018

B2B Lead Generation in 2018 – Getting It Right From The Start

Written by
Noel Hooban

The start of a new year is a great time to review your B2B lead generation strategies. With markets and technology evolving at rapid rates, you need to react quickly with necessary adjustments.

The following is an overview of key strategies and tips to help you add rocket fuel to your B2B lead generation efforts in 2018 and beyond.

Focus on Leads that Convert

Improving B2B lead generation always begins with going after the right targets.

Fifty-one percent of marketers recently cited in a 2018 Chief Marketer report that finding leads that convert (opens PDF) as a primary challenge.

Evaluate your data from 2017 to figure out which of your prospects transformed most efficiently into customers. This insight will allow you to invest more resources targeting high-value prospects. Review the demographic, geographic, firmographic and behavioural data included in your ideal customer profiles. Modify any factors that don’t make sense anymore. Get the best sense of your top candidates, and make them a high priority in your lead generation.

biggest challenges generating new leads

Increased Personalized Messaging

A better understanding of targeted prospects allows you to personalise your messaging more effectively. Especially in content and email marketing, it is essential that you present the most relevant and compelling information to each type of buyer.

A 2015 Gartner study predicted that by 2018 revenues would increase by 15 percent for B2B firms that effectively employ personalisation in their digital marketing activities. Using a contact’s name, identifying his or her critical business issues, and sharing highly-relevant information and resources are top strategies for improving personalisation.

Increase Video Development and Distribution

If you haven’t already, it’s time to integrate video into your content distribution strategy for lead generation. You need to communicate with your audience on their turf, and ThinkWithGoogle tells us that 70 percent of your B2B buyers watch videos during their buying journey.

Your videos should speak to the concerns and interest of your ideal customer profiles. Tell stories, offer demonstrations, explain processes and present compelling user testimonials.

Leverage Communication Synergy

Develop an integrated plan for lead generation that strives for synergy. The emphasis on digital marketing strategies has caused some firms to create silos in areas like social media, email or digital advertising. Instead, look for opportunities for communication synergy.

Combining traditional media communication with select digital platforms can amplify return on investment. You want to identify the path of your buyer, and set up communication that reinforces, reminds and shares insights throughout the process.

Get Others Involved

Peer input remains important to B2B buyers, yet a lot of firms don’t leverage influencers as much as they could. Social media engagement, case studies and testimonials are among the great opportunities to use influencer importance in your lead generation.

Wrap Up

These are vital strategies to help you achieve optimal results in B2B lead generation during 2018. Overlooking these could cause you to fall behind competitors that do a better job engaging a targeted audience with effective communication strategies.

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