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August 26, 2021

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform B2B Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating all spheres of human life. It helps you make faster and wiser decisions. Large companies have been using AI in their work for a long time, but now it is becoming available to everyone. It opens up many opportunities for marketers, and the industry is in a gold rush right now. The solutions that AI offers are more efficient, more innovative, and more customer-centric.

1 - Predicting consumer behavior

Decision-making is data-driven. And leveraging computing power and behavioral prediction models can help you make better use of digital data. Algorithms analyze accessible information and offer the most solid business solutions in real-time. Including artificial intelligence can identify potential customers. Determining consumer propensity to make a purchase has been made possible by the advancement of machine learning. The propensity coefficient measures how likely it is that a particular person will make a purchase and determines the value of a given customer. Customers themselves expect the brand to be familiar with their preferences and wishes before making their first purchase.

2 - Reduce loading time with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP will increase your site's chances of being at the top of Google search results and generate more traffic. If your business wants to increase audience engagement in content consumption and your site is already mobile-friendly, AMP is a great solution. Such giants actively use this tool as eBay. The platform uses AMP versions of pages listing products. Overall, the number of web pages that use AMP has doubled over the past year.

3 - AI-powered content personalization and creation

While creating engaging content is a skill that AI cannot yet master, algorithms can help to optimize texts for search engines intelligently. Most marketing strategies take a lot of time and manual effort. This is why you should partner with an SEO consultant that can help you with it. These include identifying keywords for SEO, building backlinks, synthesizing and tagging keywords, and so on. AI can refine these processes and interpret data patterns to provide information without disruption. AI's ability to break down complex tasks into simple ones allows it to do better work and reduce the time spent by marketers. Given the broader spectrum of AI applications, marketers will soon be able to create specific content for each customer based on information from various sources, providing them with an exceptional online experience.

4 - AI for contextual advertising

The algorithms read the page and scan it using computer vision. This will help them know which content is best to add ads to. They evaluate the visual and audio components of the content and the deep context, semantics, and theme. This way, they can place ads in the most appropriate context - users respond better to such ads. In addition, such advertising will be less affected by the cancellation of third-party cookies - all calculations are performed in real-time, and no data is stored.

5 - Chatbots

Chatbots appeared a long time ago, but they have become a fashionable trend relatively recently. It is not yet clear how this market will develop. One thing is clear - the range of applications of such bots is extensive, and large companies are interested in them. Therefore, experienced programmers are already exploring this niche. Maybe a new revolution awaits us when chatbots will replace mobile applications. Maybe social networks will become a thing of the past, leaving their place for new messengers. One way or another, the base of artificial intelligence is rapidly improving, and such developments fit well into the concept of robotization of humanity in the future.

SEO Agency recommends Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence significantly changes approaches in almost any field of human activity, and marketing is no exception. Advanced prospecting, B2B marketing personalization, and SEO optimization are just a few of the areas where AI will revolutionize in the foreseeable future.

About the Author

Mathilde Leroux is a freelance social media manager with 3 years of experience. She curates a brand's / influencer’s social channels. Her vision is to become a worldwide influencer so she can inspire people to chase their dreams. Her passion is going hiking with her cute dog.

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