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September 30, 2019

Improving Sales Conversions: 5 Tips To Help Your Team Close More Sales

Written by
Noel Hooban

Improving Team Sales Conversions

Improving sales conversions is a never-ending pursuit for sales managers. Ambitious and successful companies always want to raise the bar.

Consider the following five tips to get your reps to close even more sales in 2016 than you might have hoped.

1. Push the Envelope with Goals

To get more, you have to expect more. It is human nature for accomplishment-driven professionals to do what it takes to rise to the standard in front of them.

Therefore, the starting point to achieving more is expecting more.

In addition to a loftier target, aggressive objectives drive top sellers to prepare more efficiently and navigate obstacles to get deals done, according to Entrepreneur. These include understanding the difference between price and value (something I wrote about in our popular post to date 4 Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them).

2. Use Extensive Data Analysis

If your sales team still relies on intuition and hunches, they aren’t leveraging better approaches to optimised lead generation.

The data collection and analytics capabilities of software programs in 2016 is simply too strong to not make efficient use of them. The more in-depth the data your team collects and analyses, the greater your ability to build precise customer personas, according to Salesforce.

The more your team knows the needs, interests, motives and preferences of buyers, the more likely they are to develop a good rapport and be able to sell value.

We are, after all, people first and foremost, and I’ve always been an advocate of the saying “people sell to people”.

When your team invests some time in building insightful customer profiles, their face-to-face selling time is more powerful.

When your team invests some time in building insightful customer profiles, their face-to-face selling time is more powerful.

Emphasise the Value Proposition

A common hurdle for effective selling is trying to create the right value proposition for a buyer.

Understanding the customer’s needs is one factor, but your team also need to believe in the quality and benefits of your solutions. When your team believes its solutions are top-notch, they don’t fear objections, particularly those related to price.

Cost-benefit analyses, demonstrations and testimonials are techniques that help in conveying the value you know exists.

Let Your Sellers Focus on Selling!

One of the difficult decisions you have to make as a leader is whether to outsource certain business activities.

The most common outsourced business processes are Finance/Accounting services, Contact Centre services, and Human Resources services. However should you outsource your sales? There are many different variables to consider depending on the size of your organisation.

You need to work with a company that can understand your business culture, your products & services, your pricing structures, your process. A company that is willing to go that extra mile for your organisation – as your sales team would.

Only then can you ensure your goals are aligned so that you can pass the relevant qualified leads seamlessly across to the people who can close these new business deals for you.

You need to rely on your sellers to perform to the best of their ability. And they can’t always be closing when they are searching for new prospects.

When possible and practical, outsourcing certain aspects of your sales process frees your sales team to focus time, effort and energy toward what they do best — selling!

In addition to lead generation, top support providers (yes, like Internal Results) can help with such activities as appointment setting and inside sales.

Close at the Right Time

Many deals are set up for a successful B2B sales conversion but fail at the doorstep. Apply too much pressure, and a buyer becomes guarded.

Wait too long or show apprehension, and you let a ready and willing buyer walk away. It happens – and probably more than you realise in your organisation.

Hold your hand up if you’ve ever sat in sales meetings where that “sure thing” that was due to close two weeks ago has slowly moved back up the funnel. (I’m holding my hand up by the way.)

Closing clues, such as benefit acknowledgements, information requests or stated buying conditions, usually signal opportunity.

The more your team practices their presentations, and especially closing techniques, the more confident they get at crunch time.

Closing sales are just like any other skill – you can only improve it with practice, practice, practice.


Closing more sales in 2016 is just a few disciplined strategies away for your team. Integrate a mix of goal-setting, resource utilisation and sales focus. With these techniques, you should see improved demand generation and better performance.

Contact us to see how Internal Results can take some of the pressure off your sales staff and help you get the numbers you want!

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