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5 Reasons Your Business Should Outsource Your Inside Sales Programme

Written by
Noel Hooban

Outsourcing Your Sales Programme

Want a stellar sales team? Consider outsourcing your inside sales programme. Would you hand over your lead generation to someone else?

While sales might seem like one of the most intimate and important parts of your business, giving up some of the control to an outsourced partner can lead to unexpected benefits.

There is a lot you stand to gain by outsourcing some or all of your inside sales processes:

  • ·   Perhapsyou are a startup lookingto upscale your operations and want to keep overheads to a minimum;
  • ·   Or you would rather have your top sales people focused on closing business deals,not finding them;
  • ·    Maybe you are planning on breaking into new markets or territories and don’thave the skill-set to command new meetings just yet.

Whatever your reason, here are five more why an inside sales programme may be the right course of action for you.

1. You Need a Strong Sales Team Right Now

Cash flow is your lifeblood and having a good strong pipeline is critical in helping you develop those new sales that will ultimately deliver new customers to facilitate the growth of your business.

However, it needs to be a realistic pipeline, not one where your prospects keep sliding out from one month to the next. Sometimes you need good strong leads that you know can be closed in the short term – you need to move the sales process along.

However, you may have gaps in your employee base that need to be filled. To use that old sales phrase, you have farmers, but right now, you need hunters.

You’re faced with a conundrum: can you find the funds and the time to train and hire the salespeople you need to generate that revenue for your business?

Partnering with an outside sales team can help.

You’ll be able to work with your “new” sales team as they do the legwork to bring the right prospects into your business for your team to close.

Over time, you may decide to expand your internal sales team or determine that a combination of outsourcing and hiring full-time employees works well for you.

2. You Don’t Want to Cold Call

Cold calling, researching prospects, researching competitors, ensuring your prospect database systems are up to date and accurate, and more: the development of your sales systems is a lot of hard work.

The biggest challenge is that even if you don’t have time to put in all of this work, it still needs to be done to keep your business profitable.

Find a team that can do it well and consistently, and work together to target key players and get their attention.


Outsource your sales lead generation so that you can focus on meeting with qualified leads.

3. You Want to Meet With Those Who Matter

In sales, all prospective customers matter, but not everyone will become a serious lead for your business.

If you’re in start-up mode or busy with a new initiative, you need to free your time to connect with the leads that will make a significant impact on your business in the short-term and nurture those who may be longer term prospects. When you outsource appointment setting and some of those initial connections, you ensure that you are meeting with those who are already qualified and sales-ready leads.

It is an excellent use of your own sales time, and you can focus your energy on speaking with those prospects who are looking for a provider and grow your business.

4. You Want to Nurture Your Inbound Leads

If your team doesn’t have the capacity to gather information about potential leads, connect with them, and nurture your existing leads, consider outsourcing some of this work to a professional partner to strengthen your sales pipeline.

For example, how often have you showcased at an exhibition to have lots of potential leads speak to you and your team over the course of 2 or 3 days, or passed over their business cards for a prize draw?

What happened those leads?

How have they been moved through your sales pipeline? How thoroughly were they followed up and added into your CRM system for qualification?

Another area an outsourced partner can help with is providing an understanding of how others nurture their inbound leads, contributing to shifting your messaging techniques.

5. You Can Try Techniques on For Size

When you have an outsourced sales team in place, you have the flexibility to try new sales techniques and explore new target industries for B2B sales.

Outsourcing allows you to do a trial run of these different markets or techniques without committing to them in the long term.

You can gain invaluable feedback about your propositions and how they are being received by prospective clients. This can influence your sales techniques and messaging later on and help with your company branding.

As your business grows and changes, the support of others can assist with getting the sales results that you want. Internal Results can help you achieve the sales goals that you’re looking for without having to bring on new employees.

Talk to us today and discover how we can help grow your business.

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