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October 19, 2021

5 Elements of a Lead Capture Landing Page

Written by
Kiko Fronda

Great landing pages are a boon to your inbound B2B lead generation efforts. In fact, companies that have around 15 different landing pages see, on average, a 55% increase in the number of leads they gather. Now, it’s easy to think that volume is the key to success and, while that certainly is a strong contributing factor, it isn’t the only element you need to consider. Let’s take a look at five key elements you need to consider to ensure that your landing page captures the leads you need.

1 – A Strong Headline & Clear Subheading

90% of prospects who read your headline will also read your call-to-action. That’s why you need to make sure you have a good one. What constitutes a “good” headline? First of all, you want your headline to catch attention. Many B2B companies get this much right—with headlines that jar, challenge, and even excite—but you can’t leave it at that. A great headline also clues your prospects in as to what exactly you’re selling. Now, the trick is that you shouldn’t be too specific and have too long of a headline.

It’s your subheading that has to be far more persuasive in both getting a prospect to read the rest of the landing page and entice them to click through your call-to-action as well as encourage them to leave their contact details. Whereas the headline should ideally be between 10 to 20 words, the subheading can be somewhat longer. Ideally, you should expand upon what your headline teases in greater depth—providing more information for your prospect to work with.

2 – Effective & Informative Imagery

Good visual content is essential given that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. If you have effective imagery, you affect your prospects very quickly. There are a few factors to consider here. The first is size. While you don’t want your image to be too large, you want it big enough to be relevant. The second is quality. Only go for high-resolution, high-quality images as people make a quick association between the quality of your images and the quality of your offerings overall.

The third factor is relevance. While it’s tempting to use imagery simply to catch the eye, if there’s no connection to what products and services you have to offer, then what’s the point? Speaking of relevance, consider including infographics as they allow you to better explain key points such as what your products/services do and an opportunity to provide success metrics drawn from previous clients. The idea is to use it as a complement to the text to demonstrate your value fairly quickly.

3 – Acknowledged Pain Points

For much of the body of text for your lead capture landing page you should focus on which customer pain points your products and services address. This is, after all, what will be most appealing to prospects who are already curious whether or not what you sell is relevant to them. Here’s the kicker, however: you can’t give away so much that whatever content you’re offering for lead contact details becomes useless.

What many businesses do is to utilize bullet points to emphasize just the key information—just enough to entice a potential lead without giving it all away. You could also opt for fully explaining your solution to one pain point and leaving the rest for your gated content to explain or support with real-world evidence from your successful clients. Finally, in addressing pain points, avoid using sales and marketing talk—focus on verifiable claims.

4 – A Worthwhile Offer

Given how important data privacy is  nowadays, people are hesitant to offer up their contact information very readily. In order to get their details, you need to have a great offer in return. This is somewhat easier with B2C businesses as they tend to offer discount codes on first purchases, bundles, and the like. Given that B2B businesses tend to sell products and services at higher price points and over longer time periods, it’s not as feasible. What you can offer instead is valuable information.

The best offers are those that offer proof of the effectiveness of your products and services in real world scenarios and settings. That’s why case studies, whitepapers, and even videos are some of the content that you can offer in trade for your prospects’ contact details. Just make sure that what you provide is greater in value to the content you provide elsewhere in your website or social media otherwise it will diminish the value of your offer significantly.

5 – A Reasonable Contact Form

Finally, you have to pay careful attention to your actual lead capture form. Many companies fall into the trap of asking for far too much information. Anyone faced with a wall of empty fields they need to fill out to have access to your content won’t be encouraged to continue. Of course, the counterpoint there is asking for far too little to a point where you're not able to effectively follow up with them. At the very least, you want a full name to be able to address a lead properly, their work email, and their contact number.

If you want to add more fields, just make sure it’s relevant. You could, for example, ask for their job titles and companies to aid in your personalization efforts down the line. You could even ask them to talk about what problems currently plague them. Of course, you should add these fields at your own discretion. At the end of the day, you want to strike a balance between making it easy for your prospects and ensuring you get the details you need.

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