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November 7, 2019

4 Simple Ways B2B Appointment Setting Can Help Your Business

Written by
Noel Hooban

Typical salespeople relish the opportunity to utilise their skills of communication and persuasion during face-to-face selling.

However, a necessary hurdle before these opportunities arise is getting appointments.

I guarantee you that if you ask any of your sales people what they would rather do, spend time trying to find good quality business leads or close sales leads that have already been qualified for them, the answers will be very much in the closing corner.

Outsourcing your B2B appointment setting activities is one option to allow your staff avoid the frustration of trying to generate qualified leads and can save you money on your efforts.

The Return on Investment is exceptionally high.

It makes sense from both an employee satisfaction point of view and a financial perspective.

Here are four ways outsourcing appointment setting can help you:

  • drive down costs,
  • improve employee morale,
  • generate a better business return on your lead generation efforts.

1. B2B Appointment Setting Saves Time and Energy

The most efficient and effective companies emphasise their greatest strengths and assets in the way they operate.

In many B2B companies, strengths centre on the process of listening to a prospect’s problem, identifying the best solution, making a recommendation and ultimately closing the sale.

When your sales reps are responsible for researching potential opportunities, making prospecting calls and qualifying leads, they aren’t preserving their time and energy for critical functions.

Their focus can drift slightly from closing sales to finding new prospects to add to their pipeline.

We’ve all seen the Sales Statistics image below.


The time involved to complete all of these time-consuming tasks takes away from time to prep for calls and follow-up with new customers.

As importantly, the tension, frustration and mental drain that occur from appointment setting can diminish sales effectiveness and can lead to an effect on staff morale.

Therefore, engaging with a company that specialises in B2B appointment setting frees up your sales people for optimised performance during the most crucial sales steps:

  • listening,
  • building rapport,
  • connecting with other people in the sales cycle,
  • overcoming objections, and
  • adding value.

2. Dedicated Expertise

An appointment setting specialist has developed expertise specific to the process of contacting prospects and qualifying leads.

This specialisation makes them more effective and efficient and landing you appointments with a strong conversion potential.

In addition to personnel expertise, specialists in B2B appointment setting have advanced technology, deep data and analytics insights, well-developed methodologies, and an up-to-date database (ours is 61 million business contacts across the globe).

Our job is finding you high-quality leads that your team can close.

So we only have to do half of the sales processes that you have to do.

Appointment setters are GREAT hunters.

They know the difference between sales activity and sales strategy, know how to do research on a company, understand the importance of building & maintaining an accurate CRM system, along with knowing when to lose early if necessary.


Generate a more profitable sales pipeline with a B2B appointment setting campaign

3. More Efficient Approach

When your salespeople have to complete their appointment setting activities, failed attempts are an opportunity cost.

You get no benefit from the time investment, and your reps miss the chance to spend that time enhancing your selling processes.

Ultimately, that is costing your company money. (Time=Money).

With Internal Results B2B appointment setting service, you only have to pay when you get an appointment.

Therefore, you don’t waste money on failed contacts.

There are no additional costs or upfront fees, no long term contracts.

It is that simple.

An additional benefit is that because we work to a list of companies identified by you, every company we reach out to gets to learn about your organisation and its products & services.

It is an excellent method to increase the scope of your company brand.

4. Higher Sales Conversion Rates

The most tangible evidence of enhanced value from outsourcing B2B appointment setting comes when analysing your sales conversion ratios about self-managed appointment activities.

Top specialists qualify leads in an efficient manner that lands you high-potential sales opportunities.

By the time your reps get in front of a prospect, they already have solid research on the opportunity.

They also know the prospect has a keen, particular interest in the types of solutions you offer.

Therefore, the personal sales process allows for much more direct engagement for problem-solving selling.

In addition to higher conversion efficiency, you should experience shortened sales cycles with well-qualified leads.

Who doesn’t want that!


An important part of formulating a business strategy is operating in a way that leverages your core capabilities.

Sales reps often dread the hassle of prospecting and qualifying leads (trust me, I was one of them!)

By working with a B2B appointment setting specialist, you free them to concentrate energy and actions on converting sales efficiently.

Our appointment specialists have many years experience in the Technology sector, so you are assured of expertise and delivery of highly qualified leads.

Fill in the contact form below today and at the very least find out whether appointment setting makes sense for your business.

Your boss will thank you, your team will thank you, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

Also, there’s a good chance your competitors are doing it!

After all, our 900+ technology clients can’t be wrong.

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