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September 30, 2019

4 Simple Ways to Effectively Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

Written by
Noel Hooban

Long B2B sales cycles lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Too often, sales reps spend time with unqualified or underqualified buyers who take a long time to say, “No,” and they miss better opportunities with more highly-qualified prospects. So what are the most effective ways to shorten the b2b sales cycle and win more high-value opportunities?

Pursue Qualified Leads

The most critical step to a shorter sales cycle is the pursuit of highly-qualified leads.

When you sell to people who have a deep problem and a sense of urgency that your solution resolves, the time-to-decision is normally brief. Unfortunately, some marketing teams and sales reps rush lead generation to get in front of prospects.

By taking the time to invest in early qualification, you minimise time spent with people that will either never buy, or who won’t commit to a large deal.

Talk to the Right People

In B2B industries, sales reps sometimes talk with an organisation in need, but the interaction isn’t with the right individuals.

The most efficient b2b sales cycle is only possible when you get to the decision makers as soon as possible in the process. When interacting with a buying committee, find out as much information as you can.

Ask questions such as “Who besides you is involved in the buying process?” or, “How does the buying process work in your organisation?” Getting this information upfront helps you avoid having to repeat steps or messages unnecessarily.

One of the key benefits of the Internal Results inside sales and appointment setting solutions is that we get you in front of the right decision-makers and influencers at the right time to seize an opportunity.

Address Concerns Assertively

Never avoid or ignore the primary concerns of buyers. To get through challenges, you need to tackle them head on.

If a buying committee ultimately has concerns that you can’t overcome, it is better to figure that out early anyway. Conduct a thorough sales discovery process to find out everything they need or want from your solution.

Invite them to share primary concerns or fears in selecting a provider.

b2b sales cycle

Articulate Value Clearly

Though not the primary factor, your ability to articulate value clearly and concisely does contribute to a shorter b2b sales cycle.

With thorough need discovery, you are better equipped to highlight and prove the benefits of your solution that matter most to buyers. Avoid distracting from your message by sticking to a few key points. Focus your demonstration of value on the benefits that your prospects values the most.

Wrap Up

To effectively shorten your sales cycle, you must begin your process as early as possible in the lead generation procedure. Target and communicate with the most qualified leads you can find.

Talk to the right people inside the firm, conduct a thorough needs analysis, invite concerns and deliver an on-point value proposition.

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