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Prospecto is a multi-channel solution for B2B organizations to drive full-funnel sales and marketing leads and increase pipelines through a combination of Content Syndication, Content Creation, B2B Data and Buyer Intent solutions.

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Our unique Buyer Intent dataset tracks millions of digital buying signals made by B2B decision makers every month, meaning you target the right contacts, at the right time.

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We are a leading provider of performance-based lead generation services for B2B organisations.

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Million B2B decision makers within our database
Countries actively running lead generation campaigns
Technology installations tracked across 12+ million accounts

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We've built trusted partnerships with global enterprises, helping them streamline their marketing and grow faster.
“Internal Results have been instrumental in the significant growth in IBM's lead generation. It is a real partnership.”
“Internal Results helped identify, qualify and deliver engagement with the right people in the right roles across a number of sectors.”
“One of their great strengths is their ability to match our capability with the needs of end-customers. They have been invaluable for us.”

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