Customer relationship management systems are crucial to success throughout your company’s sales cycle. However, it is especially important that your CRM records are updated during lead nurturing activities.

The following are several key reasons that thoroughly adding to and revising contact records is vital to lead nurturing and subsequently, sales closure success.

Maintain Pipeline Visibility

Nurturing of leads can’t occur until you have a record of communication with them in your database. By ensuring that the contacts in your CRM are updated continuously during lead generation and nurturing, you maintain visibility of sales cycle status.

It doesn’t do much good to build marketing systems to attract buyers, only to lose connection with them after the initial interaction. Updated records allow your sales team to schedule calls, generate recurring contact via email and keep contacts progressing through the pipeline.

Initiate Effective Calls

Thorough, accurate and updated contact records provide a strong segue into an effective initial call. As part of our inside sales support solution, Internal Results staff performs all of these lead nurturing activities by updating your CRM system, making initial contact with your prospects, so your sales team can prepare for that all important face-to-face meeting.

Incomplete records mitigate the ability of your reps to research and prepare effective first-call introductions. Inaccurate or missing profile items not only negate quality communication, these problems also contribute to wasted steps and inefficiencies.

Save Time Down the Road

As your relationship with a prospect or customer evolves, it becomes increasingly important for you to have detailed records to rely on. By starting with thorough records at the onset, it is easier and less time-consuming to update profiles as the relationship grows.

Imagine trying to contact someone for the third or fourth time with no records to pull from; it is much more difficult to progress through the selling cycle or to strengthen an existing relationship.


Develop Strong Marketing Programs

As your sales and marketing teams collaborate, both benefit from having thorough prospect records. Marketers need to track the correlation between certain buyer types and behaviours to implement cost-effective lead generation programs.

Salespeople benefit when marketing is able to drive more leads, and offer more targeted collateral material for optimised conversion efficiency.

Avoid Turnover Turmoil

It is inevitable that you will experience turnover within your sales team. With consistently updated records, it is easier for a new rep to take on accounts and build a solid understanding of the relationship history.

With a team-oriented culture, salespeople better recognise the responsibility they have to the organisation for inputting buyer information.

Wrap Up

The benefits of updating your CRM system through lead generation and nurturing activities are significant.

Your marketing team wants to attain the best quality leads and reduce their closure time for your sales team. From a potential buyer’s first contact, through to their closure, your lead nurturing efforts are there to make the lead management process more efficient and effective.

Ensuring your CRM data is up-to-date, your sales cycles progress with greater effectiveness and efficiency, and your ability to manage relationships down the road is enhanced.

Learn more about how we can help your lead nurturing via our Day Rate and Inside Sales Services.

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